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The Village

Today is that day in the States where we gorge ourself on turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a whole array of other delicious foods. It is also a day to surround ourselves with family and friends and enjoy the blessings of our lives. 1,085 more words

Homebuilt Airplane


Morning. Well it’s a grey, cheerless day in every sense. Weather wise, and desperately sad news coming in from Australia that cricketer Phil Hughes has died after being hit by a short pitched ball in a state match two days ago. 141 more words

A Tough Mudder Recap from one Mean Mudder Tougher

I arrived at the first obstacle.

What greeted me was one big pool of dense, black mud with a giant fishing net hanging low above it, leaving just enough room for people to crawl underneath. 830 more words


An Intimate Moment with the Author

I had my Book Review on Saturday, November 22, 2014; it was a small and intimate group of people, most of whom I knew personally. Those guests who had already purchased the book began to share their experiences immediately with great joy and gratitude. 757 more words

Building Bridges

Letter From New York November 24, 2014

The days are slipping away as we hurtle toward Thanksgiving and the Holidays. The leaves are virtually gone from the trees here in the Hudson Valley; ragged winds the last few nights have finished them off. 431 more words

Living History- The Race

I am a competitor. That was not always the case. Had you observed me as a child you might have wondered just how many cards my deck was missing. 922 more words


When Tragedy Doesn't Meet the 90-Second Explanation

There are some tragedies in life that don’t meet the status-quo, that cannot be explained by a mere, “oh my dog died” or “our house burnt down.” Yes, those tragedies are real, deep and  I hurt for those that have gone through that. 303 more words