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Learn How To Surf At Bagasbas Beach

Learn How To Surf

Why not learn how to surf at bagasbas beach so you can become a cool surfer or just take a lesson just for the fun of it . 28 more words

Learn How To Swim In Daet - Daet info

Learn How To Swim In Daet

Every one should learn how to swim in Daet if they cant already . If there is some one in your family who cant swim especially young ones you should help them to learn how to swim . 9 more words

Learn About Rip Tides - Daet info

Learn About Rip Tides

You should read this and learn about rip tides as there are riptides at bagasbas beach . Rip tides , rip currents or undertows as there known in different parts of the world , are all the same thing really . 7 more words

Bagasbas Beach Kitesurfing

Bagasbas Beach Kitesurfing

Bagasbas Beach is an ideal Kitesurfing destination from total beginner’s to Pro as we have a range of flat water lagoon’s to wave spots. 38 more words

Become the first visitors of these Hidden Ph Beaches

As an archipelago with 7,107 islands, you’ll never run out of beaches to explore in the Philippines.

Boracay may get mentioned a lot when it comes to Philippine beaches due to its long stretch of powdery white sand but there are other wonderful beaches to see. 696 more words


Top 5 Things to do on a ‘Weekend Getaway’ in Mercedes, Camarines Norte

* A web exclusive written for GMA News TV’s Weekend Getaway

The town of Mercedes, often called the “fishbowl” of Camarines Norte, is a seven-island municipality surrounded by bountiful coral reefs. 342 more words