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The Frail family (Camberwell and Sunderland)

My mum’s surname was Frail. It is a nuisance item for family history because it is often mis-transcribed as ‘Trail'; and it is also a nuisance in the Google department because it is a real word, and newspapers quite like it in headlines as it has only five characters. 3,604 more words

Merry Christmas, Camberwell!

I think everyone in our choir would agree that 2014 has been a fabulous year for singing!

We’ve performed in a play at the Young Vic and sung with other choirs both inĀ and outside of Camberwell. 247 more words


In the Year of the Jubilee

George Gissing (1894)

I’m not entirely sure what I thought about this. Somewhere around the middle I had to put it down, after Nancy is seduced by Tarrant and its disdain for both the female sex and for the aspiring lower middle and lower classes seems to reach its height. 3,506 more words


"Made in Camberwell" Arts Market. Christmas 2014

Camberwell Arts is a volunteer-run, self-funding community promoting the diverse arts scene in Camberwell. We enjoyed this friendly and cozy little market, which offers a great variety of hand-made gifts and goods. 209 more words


Last day in college for 2014

Today we had a quiet catch up day where a few of us popped back into college for a chitchat on progress with Maiko.

I went over a quick summary of my thoughts on my current proposal (still without a question, but that’s ok for now) 350 more words


Artists profile: Olafur Eliasson

Bringing together the pieces of my jigsaw puzzle proposal, brought me to one of my earlier artists references – Olafur Eliasson. He creates stunning installation pieces, often using or demonstrating natural phenomenon. 937 more words


The Politics of Fibre

Notes from Talk at the Whitechapel Art Gallery by Janis Jefferies and Grant Watson

- artists working outside the traditional expectations of what textiles is… 209 more words