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Samlor Bok/Praung

So for all the jungle fanatics out there who may want to try something authentic without having to complicate themselves on carrying different ingredients to make their forest feast; Samlor Bok/Praung is one of the simple delicacies of Cambodia’s northeastern indigenous people applicable in the wilderness situation. 261 more words


Navigating the City

When I read my guide book on Cambodia, I was reassured to learn that the city is laid out in a kind of grid pattern. I had found European cities to be confusing to navigate (especially Amsterdam with its damn canals) because they tended to follow a logic I couldn’t understand; the same road would change names at random intervals, I’d think I was traveling parallel to one street when I really wasn’t, things would intersect in strange ways. 609 more words


Temple Textures

Sometimes the prevailing lighting in places like this is just lovely, but often you know that your camera just can’t cope with the wide range of light and either you don’t even attempt to capture it, or you come away disappointed with the results. 251 more words


Checking in

Hey everyone, we have made it out of the rainforest safely with little more than cuts, bites and sore muscles. We just wanted to very quickly check in and let you know we are alive as we don’t know when we will next get Internet. 48 more words


Dancers, Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia, 2013

We got the chance to spend a couple of days exploring Angkor last year.

With Banteay Srei, Ta prhom, and Angkor proper, Bayon is one of the most famous temple there, mostly because of the many huge Buddha… 48 more words

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