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Can I bring my cat to Cambodia?

Aside from money, the biggest issue with moving to Cambodia for me is what to do with my cat! If I knew he could have a really, really good home I might consider leaving him behind for one year, but that’s just not possible. 280 more words


Don't feel like studying today :P

(Well don’t judge me… I’m exhausted from my 2 1/2 days in Siem Reap, followed by mock exams this morning. Just kinda wanted to be lazy a bit :P469 more words


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buen camino

Meenakshi is off to Cambodia for the year tomorrow.  Her bags are packed.

If you want to keep in touch with her and follow what she’s up to while she works with children with HIV, follow her blog which is here: 7 more words

Siem Reap, Cambodia

In October of 2012, I was doing some grocery shopping when my friend Michael (who was in Cambodia at the time) messaged me to see if I wanted to come visit him. 510 more words


窮人的柬蒲寨之旅 – One Stop Hostel

繼續講住既地方。話說第一日會stay係邊境,第二日過境( 遲D先補返 )我地去到Siem Reap住左兩日Hostel。 


唔知點解…成日有人覺得 Hostel 唔好住,或者我賤命住慣左…又或者我真係好識揀,so Far都冇咩預過唔好住既,再講既係 … 揀極都係D乾淨企理既。


今次係Siem Reap既One Stop Hostel,開既係一個日本人, 位置十分方便,係正酒吧街附近,後面又有幾間酒吧,有D有live band ,有1USD一杯既Cocktail ( 喱D我再補…跟本就好多野要講XD) 。日本人既野其實一定係好乾淨企理。同埋喱間Hostel都幾新2013年八月先開 。


冇影門面…  門面其實好鬼細,細到睇唔到。隔離有得租單車,仲要一行就見到超市/便利店。



行入房,我地住既梗係最平既果隻,一間方訓10個人,但其實就好似見眼既咁,Privacy 幾好,D野都有間格。喱間係Mix Dom,即係男女同一間房,基於我地一行四人有男有女,其實mix dom係最好。 我地可以一齊hea。 每個人都有獨立既Locker ( 喱樣都係選擇時幾重要既一樣野,因為要如何keep好自己既野… (我自己其實都有帶寄倉袋同埋鎖。)見到真實照片,一定覺得可靠過D公式既照片。 39 more words


Worldwide Communication

I’m still not quite sure what day it is in Cambodia, much less back in South Carolina and Louisiana. But I’m starting to grasp the time difference. 397 more words