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Camborne's UKIP chairman Rosie Ward boasts of 'fantastic' marijuana party on Facebook

The United Kingdom Independence Party’s youngest ever party chairman is in hot water after a Facebook photo album from a marijuana-fuelled party was discovered online. 333 more words


Camborne Lantern Parade

A great community event last night with Camborne’s school children (and parents) giving us a wonderful Christmas glow with their lantern parade. I hoped they all enjoyed the hours of work it must have taken to produce such a wonderful show – it certainly was fantastic to watch. 85 more words


New Videos on youtube for CGL lessons

I have started the process of getting some videos together for students to use as a visual aid along with there lesson sheets. This one was great fun, a little cover of ‘Come over’ by Royal Blood. 25 more words


Camborne-Redruth: Regeneration, rejuvenation or just ramping up population?

As I wend my increasingly weary way westwards, Carn Brea looms into sight. Icon of Cornwall for those who hail from the west, Carn Brea stares over a landscape in the throes of ‘regeneration’, no doubt silently pondering WTF is going on down there. 1,877 more words

Local Plan

Cornwall Guitar Lessons Christmas gift vouchers

Its that time of year again, get your Christmas gift vouchers from the CGL website and have them delivered to your door in time for the big day .

Tories in knots over St Michael's

Just what is going on with the Tories in Camborne and the threat to St Michael’s Hospital?

At last night’s Town Council meeting, Adam Crickett proposed a resolution to support St Michael’s Hospital, to oppose the privatisation of services, to write to neighbouring parish councils expressing our support and to invite local GPs to a meeting so that we could talk about ensuring local people were using the hospital. 234 more words


George Eustice's Misleading Leaflet

One little leaflet, one big mistake.

A few days ago, I had a little leaflet through my door from George Eustice, the current, Conservative MP in this constituency. 237 more words