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10 on the 10th | Boise, Idaho | My Space

This month, for my 10 on the 10th, I thought I would share my new work space! I am pretty excited about it! That has a lot to do with the fact that the shelves and the table are Pinterest inspired, so I can officially say that I (and my super patient husband) completed a Pinterest project! 48 more words

Black And White

New Logo

It’s been raining in Melbourne all week long, so I was bored and couldn’t shoot anything. But I did design a logo-type thing for my site. 115 more words


Regal 50mm Candid Style Camera

What a treat this week’s camera was to research. Given to me by a friend of my FiancĂ©’s friend (Amy, her blog is here at… 566 more words


Argus A Bakelite 35mm Anastigmat Camera

Today I am going to write about the oldest camera in my collection (at the moment), the Argus “A” Bakelite 35mm Anastigmat Camera.

History of Argus… 385 more words


Just a few facts...

-My favorite color is Aqua blue
-My favorite stone is Aquamarine
-I am a prop addict, and may need an intervention. (seriously)
-I collect all things camera (even toys,key chains, If it a camera I need it!) and aspire to have a large vintage camera collection someday. 182 more words

Olympus OM-1... Or the Camera I Found At A Strange Second-Hand Store In Alabama

Back in 2006, Alex and I took a road trip around Tennessee. We were still at MICA then so we first had to drive to Tennessee from Baltimore. 478 more words


Ciro-Flex Camera with Rapax Shutter Wollensak 85mm 35mm Lens

A few years ago, I went over to my friancĂ©’s grandfather’s house for breakfast and in the middle of talking, he suddenly remembered he had put a box of cameras aside for me. 390 more words