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Lion Around

This week I fell in love with sea lions.  These magnificent, playful, dog-like creatures are truly one of the wonders of the sea.  Curious as soon as they hear a diver’s splash into the water, they come over to investigate our weird fins, and huge camera equipment.  183 more words


Portable Lenses

Lenses of all types cost a pretty penny. From contact lenses, to glasses lenses to camera lenses, they are all specially made glass or plastic and they don’t come cheap. 382 more words

How to Choose the Right Camera and camera lenses.

Technology is very dynamic and photography world is not left behind. Choosing the right digital camera and camera lens has become a very tricky affair today. 496 more words


How to choose the Lens ?

Another very interesting question.

On a trivial example, I will explain the essence of the issue.

Question: What’s better: cars, truck or tractor?

Answer: – If you need to get somewhere quickly will choose the car, if we need to transport large quantities of goods will select the truck, if you need to finish the field will select the tractor. 859 more words


Elite Tech Gear™ Provides Wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Elite Tech Gear’s ™ innovative system of manufacturing top of the line microfiber cleaning fabrics is ending up being the leading personal electronic cleaning fabric on the market. 494 more words