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Tip Of The Week

In this week, I will talk about the settings of your camera.  I`m one of those guys that have to take my pictures with a manual setting. 101 more words


Food Photography, Day 14

It’s time for the weekly review of the food photography course that I am taking. So my favourite photo of the week is:

And I learned about how Auto White Balance can enhance or ruin a photo, that it should rarely be left on auto. 40 more words

Food Photography

August 20 2014

When travelling, much to the frustration of my travelling companions, I am not a fan of guidebooks and maps can be like hieroglyphics to me (I just cannot understand them). 666 more words


Food Photography: Weekly Review

This was an interesting and informative week. I learned a lot about my camera, and look forward to next week’s lesson when we attack props. Applying what I learned this week, here are a series of food photos taken with various white balance settings, light sources from different directions, light reflectors, and light blockers. 59 more words

Food Photography

Food Photography, Day 11

It’s White Balance (WB) settings on the camera today.

I learned a lot during this lesson. I’d never explored this setting, usually defaulting my curiosity to the ….erm… default settings. 175 more words

Food Photography

Why I need to revisit every place I've ever visited before

Hi Frugalistas!

Regular readers will know that I don’t consider myself much of a photographer.  Up till now I’ve travelled with a tiny little Canon IXUS point and shoot camera.  563 more words


Flash and burn

I’ve been working hard this past couple of weeks to master flash photography for fun and profit. I’ve invested in light stands, a shoot-through umbrella… 825 more words

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