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How Important are EXIFs to You?

Today, I met up with a photography buddy of mine and got onto the subject of EXIFs. In the analog era, many photographers used to take little notebooks with them in order to jot down settings and exposure parameters. 159 more words


How to change height on the dota 2 camera settings

This tutorial will show you how to change the height on the fixed dots 2 camera.



Download Lua.


Open the “addon_game_mode”-script


Inset the code below under the “function CAddonTemplateGameMode:InitGamemode()” 7 more words

How To

How To Lock Autofocus And Exposure In iPhone Camera

1. Open Camera app.

2. Point camera to your object of interest.

3. Touch and hold the screen until a yellow square blink twice.

4. A label AE/AF LOCK will appear on screen. 13 more words


My Camera Settings

We all ask it at some point in time of others, what are your camera settings? We love to ask this question especially when we see another shooting on the same camera. 507 more words

Wanna Save Your Sanity? Set Your Camera's Date

The first thing a new camera prompts you to do is to set the date and time, and this is one default that I heartily agree with. 642 more words

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Explanation of the Magic Rose

OK, Everyone! It’s been figured out that what happened with the Magic Rose was nothing more then the White Balance changing due to more light in the background of the purple Rose. 114 more words



I wanted to include this image of this little lad and his mum in tonight’s blog entry; because it made me laugh.

I took the shot over at Chichester where I had been walking quite close behind the pair just shortly before they both went into one of the local shops which were that day having a big sale. 267 more words

The Streets