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What camera settings to use for photographing kids

So we can’t ignore camera settings completely, but we can ignore most of them, or pass them over to our camera to look after.  This is how I think about my camera settings.  48 more words


Day 8: I am going RAW

And here I don’t meat eating only unprocessed foods. I wish I could do that as well but still I am not gutsy :)

I am definitely… 139 more words


Day 6: I already hate the auto settings

Since Day 2 I am 97% of the time in Manual mode (that is the reason I bought DSLR in the first place, right?). Even 60% of the time I focus manually. 118 more words


it is springy

Buds are making their appearances. And the sun actually shown for a bit. It’s odd that April has never be one of my favorite months. You think it would with the changing of the seasons – always poetic – but it never really did much for me. 67 more words


Day 5: Fake it till you make it (or "I will steal your settings")

Yes, I will. I will browse through the


find something that I like,

open the valuable info section

and  then

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically my own.” …

84 more words

Day 4: Who needs photography rules (or how to nail your focus)

I do! Please. Pretty please. Let me get the logic first, I am sure there is one/some/a bunch.

And THANK YOU Shanna Jones for this short but valuable book for my first day of struggles. 424 more words


Customize your camera

A recent mishap forced me to replace my Canon 5D Mark III (a story for a different day). A quality backup and good equipment insurance made my accident no more than a minor inconvenience, but setting up my new camera this morning reminded me of a few camera settings I consider equal parts essential and obscure (or taken for granted). 2,350 more words