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Become One with your Camera

One of the easiest ways to get comfortable with photography is to know your camera. Make a point to read the operators manual that came with it when you bought it.  137 more words

Photography Tips

Zeroing Out Your Camera

There I was shooting a Lacrosse game in the bright Florida sun. Before the game started, I snapped a shot to make sure I had my settings dialed in. 912 more words


How I photograph ponies at dusk

Photography at dusk often gives disappointing results: a grainy image, a blue cast all over and no sharpness. Even if your camera has different scene modes, such as sport, beach, night, the result can be disappointing. 721 more words


You Can Rely On Gopro Replacement Lenses

I don’t think as an any doubt that the file size should increase dramatically. Size seems regarding everything at the moment and even though few of us could really tell build between a 16 MP file and, say the 22 MP file from the Canon 5D MKIII, the new Nikon D800 has blown the opposition away having its 36.3 MP sensor, and thus we all expect more from the new cameras that are coming down the production line. 511 more words

Around the Web

Over the last few weeks, I have been studying numerous online resources about portrait photography settings, specifically aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I particularly liked… 193 more words


October begins

Halloween is my middle son’s favourite celebration although Christmas of course comes a very close – pretty much in tandem but not quite – second I think.  450 more words