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Blurry Deer

Twice today I had the opportunity to take a few pics of wild animals in the back yard, and twice today there wasn’t enough light for me to get anything other than blurry messes. 59 more words

Traffic Turkey

I was out of the house before 7:30 this morning. (I don’t remember exactly when I left. It was probably closer to 7:20)

I got to my desk at work at 9:32. 56 more words

CameraBag for Mac Once Again

Here are a few more examples of me having fun with presets on CameraBag for Mac.

Here is the original.

This filter is called Vignette III. 162 more words

CameraBag for Mac #3

One more CameraBag post for now. This is the wrecked dock just up river from the dam on the Spicket River in Methuen. I wanted the colors on this one to pop more than they did. 78 more words

CameraBag for Mac #2

Here are a few more filters out of CameraBag 2.5 for Mac. Today’s guinea pig is a pic from the 9/11 Memorial in New York. 52 more words

CameraBag for Mac

Did I mention I got promoted last month? Well I got a little bit of a raise today. I am celebrating by buying two things. Later I am going to buy The Walking Dead Compendium One which is 48 graphic novels in one 1000 page or so book. 201 more words


I’m not a serious photographer. I’ve tried to get into it in the past, and we are fortunate enough to have a pretty nice DSLR camera – but let’s face it – I like my iPhone camera better. 529 more words