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Revisited: How to Marry a Millionaire


Resourceful Schatze Page (Lauren Bacall), spunky Loco Dempsey (Betty Grable), and ditzy Pola Debevoise (Marilyn Monroe) rent a luxurious Sutton Place penthouse in New York City from Freddie Denmark (David Wayne), who is avoiding the IRS by living in Europe. 1,509 more words

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How to Marry A Millionaire

Before watching the movie:

You couldn’t make this kind of movie today (I hope). Three women make it their top goals to marry into money. This will probably be a fun little romantic comedy romp running on outdated gender values, which isn’t in itself a bad thing, as long as one keeps in mind that it’s no longer considered healthy. 653 more words


M at Miranova

For our anniversary dinner this year, we decided to try a place new to us. M at Mirinova is another great Cameron Mitchell concept. Our table was not quite ready when we got there so we took a seat in the bar area. 296 more words


A delicious conundrum

We have been researching recipes and menu items from the original Chintz Room, as well as the 4 other restaurants that were once housed inside the old Lazarus building. 354 more words


Terror in Beverly Hills

Howdy all you Supercultists out there on the interwebz!

I’m Bad Movie Professor Cameron Coker (BS in “Martial Arts Instructor Action Heroes” with a minor in “STALLONE”) and I’ll be posting my hype-tacular speeches every week along with some long lost speeches from past Supercult Shows! 742 more words


Throwback Thursday: How Deep is Your Love

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Cameron Mitchell. We discovered Cameron on Soundcloud while looking for cover songs and found several that he did, but his cover of “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gees stood out (it’s also one of our favorites here at 16 Clefs). 25 more words


Brigitte Helm More than Just another Robot

Brigitte Helm is most famous for her role as Maria the robot in Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. But she did have a larger career. She starred in G.W. 55 more words