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Unsung Heroes — We all have our semi-secret, less-known personal favorites — a great B-side, an early work by an artist that later became famous, an obscure (but delicious) family recipe. 474 more words

Daily Prompt

Criterion: Ride in the Whirlwind, Monte Hellman, 1966

While Ride in the Whirlwind sbould be compared with the film that preceded it, The Shooting, it is not a carbon copy. It shares many elements in common with the companion film. 1,786 more words


Not your typical Christmas playlist

Recently Pandora recommended that I listen to their Jack Johnson (Holiday) radio station. This station inspired me to make my own alternative Christmas playlist. I get tired of hearing the same versions of Christmas songs over and over, so I was super excited to track down new takes on traditional Christmas favorites. 219 more words

Edward D. Murphy's 'Raw Force AKA Kung Fu Cannibals'

Look at that title! Who needs marketing when you have a name like Kung Fu Cannibals! I found this film by chance, my friend was trying to find something to watch and emerged with this classic on a blank DVD (We had reservations after recently watching Ringu but braved the possibility of death via media). 667 more words


The Midnight Man (1974)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 4 out of 10

4-Word Review: Security guard solves case.

Jim Slade is a 60-year-old out on parole after serving time for killing his wife’s lover. 498 more words


Space Mutiny (1988)

‘Surrender, or be blown to astro-dust!’

The ‘Southern Star’ is carrying the last remnants of humanity across the galaxy, looking for a new Earth. Along the way they are menaced by space pirates, but the biggest danger is much closer to home.  988 more words

Movie Reviews

Greetings from Spider Island: Mill Creek's 'Chilling Classics' 50-Movie Collection

Greetings from Spider Island

Mill Creek’s ‘Chilling Classics’ 50-Movie Collection

Mill Creek Entertainment has been shamelessly sticking price tags on free-to-license movies since 2002. You might be able to find their signature “50-Movie Packs” next to the canned meats in your local Walmart. 11,634 more words

Movie Review