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My son, Cameron, and I were playing the “I stole your nose” game.  The back and forth was getting pretty serious…  Cameron “grabbed my nose”, then went running through the house. 105 more words


The Morning After

Holocaust Memorial Day was big this year, but what can we take away from it? Whilst vitally important as a day to learn lessons, there is a pro-active element to remembrance, as Chief Rabbi Mirvis said yesterday. 660 more words

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Cameron Demands Inclusion of Cocktail Party in TV Debates


Prime Minister David Cameron announced today that he won’t take part in TV debates ahead of the general election in May unless a Cocktail Party is included in the format. 99 more words

Open Government

Tuesday 27.01.15

Had a terrible nights sleep and was up and about early had coffee and then cycled to the farm and fed the horses, found out how difficult it is to make an appointment for Cameron to see a doctor over his nose bleeds, first you have to ring up before lunchtime to arrange a telephone consultation with a doctor who will decide weather you need to come and see a doctor, so would we have to keep Cameron off school in case the doctor wants to speak to him and then he missis more school if he gets an appointment the next day, I think it’s time to move Lynne and the kids to my doctors who have a more simple booking in system lol you ring up and make an appointment, or go online, had a busy day in work, came home finished cooking dinner and then when we had tided up I put my feet up and red my book till Lynne finished work then got a early night

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Ed is making his way to electoral success, targeting Cameron's weak spots.

The strange prospect of a Labour / SNP pact looms large.  Of course Maggie was kept in power by the SNP and the Ulster Unionists too, so its not that unusual. 197 more words


King Abdullah: Charlie Hebdo couldn’t have satirised a more ridiculous farce

Rather than paying respect to a tyrant, Britain should be extricating herself from legitimising Saudi rule

James Hallwood

The death of King Abdullah should not be the cause for obsequious official mourning, but rather offer a natural juncture for Britain to reassess her relationship with Saudi Arabia. 682 more words


King Abdullah's Memorial - Western World Hypocrisy at it's Best?

World leaders gathered to pay their last respects to King Abdullah. The King of Saudi Arabia received glittering praise from the delegates including David Cameron and Prince Charles representing the United Kingdom and Barack Obama from the United States. 1,258 more words