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Song-less Lions

This is the game I have been waiting to see Cameroon play.We were outplayed in the first half by a physical and tactical side.Mali was way better with Keita controlling that midfield.Mali made great use of the left wing with Sako running the show… 462 more words


Cameroon responds to reappearance of poachers at Bouba-Ndjidda

- The Cameroon government has launched Operation Peace at Bouba-Ndjidda after the discovery of elephant poachers operating in the national park again. In an effort to prevent a repeat of the 2012 slaughter of elephants a full scale military operation has been launched to track down and eradicated… – http://wildlifenews.co.uk/2015/01/cameroon-responds-to-reappearance-of-poachers-at-bouba-ndjidda/

Dropping Like Flies

We moved into our host families three nights ago, and we’ve all had varying experiences. My family is definitely going to take some getting used to and requires lenience and patience. 749 more words

Electrical Pole Update

Back on November 3rd, I blogged about the electrical pole at The Greenhouse where I work and the boys attend school.  Well, I’m happy to report exactly one week ago the electric company came and replaced the pole!  27 more words


This time it's Chad that strikes against Boko Haram

A Chadian air force fighter, acting in conjunction with Chadian soldiers on the ground, has bombed Boko Haram terrorists in northern Nigeria. The Islamic Fundamentalists control a part of Nigeria roughly the size of Belgium; territory the Nigerian military has pledged to retake by the middle of next month. 106 more words


Group D - Cote d'Ivoire v Cameroon

The final games in Group D found all teams on equal points, nothing separating all four times due to all games so far finishing 1-1. With the very real danger of qualification being done by drawing lots, the onus was on either side to force a victory and a place in the knockout stages. 572 more words

Africa Cup Of Nations