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Spain Part 8: Portomarín to Eirexe

Our second day of hiking was to see us conquer somewhere around twenty-nine kilometers, with our end destination being Palas de Rei. To fuel up for the hours of walking to come, we began the day with our croissants and café in a restaurant located on the Camino within Portomarín.


Spain Part 7: Sarria to Portomarín

Our first day as a ‘team’ began with a typical pilgrim’s breakfast: huge croissants and café con leche. Despite only meeting the previous evening, the five of us quickly fell into a routine of sharing our meals, conferring over the route for the day, and snapping an endless amount of selfies.


John Muir Trail Departure Two Day Away!

Pathetic Emotions: It seems a trend with me, departure looms and I become this

crazed mixed bag of conflicting emotions. As the date closes in I feel calmer, more sure of myself that I’m up to the challenge at hand. 400 more words

Camino De Santiago

making it to santiago

When my parents picked me up from the airport yesterday at around 4:30am, I was greeted with more love and excitement than I could have ever hoped for. 2,028 more words


Just in Case...

The last time I packed for a trip was for a one night camping expedition an hour and a half away. And by camping, I mean the car was two feet from my tent, a fire-pit and porta potty were included in the package, and the most dangerous wild life were the daddy long leg spiders that casually napped on top of my tent. 999 more words


Spain Part 6: Astorga to Sarria

After a few days of rest in Astorga, I was finally ready to rejoin my fellow pilgrims and get back on the Camino de Santiago. It was a Monday, which for me seemed appropriate — it was the beginning of a new week and a second chance to finish my pilgrimage in one piece.