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The Camino is beginning...

If anyone has ducked over to our travel blog, Wise Monkeys Abroad – then you will know that we are walking the Camino.

We are doing the Camino for several reasons, including raising awareness and money of Angelman Syndrome, for another travel experience and ticking off another UNESCO Heritage List. 452 more words


Day One of my 40 Days of Walking!

Ok so you know this is going to be about Camino stuff. I started training today! My plan to get myself started is simply to walk at least 3.2 miles a day for the next 40 days. 206 more words

Ultreia et Suseia!

In medieval times the greeting on the Camino was “Ultreia,” meaning “onward,” and the response was “Suseia,” which means “and further upwards.” That was today.Today was on and… 1,452 more words


We have made it to Pamplona!! We decided to take a rest day here tomorrow so we can explore the city. I’ve estimated that in the 5 days we have walked about 56 miles! 147 more words

Tech for the trail...

In 2013 I walked the Camino de Santiago with a Canon G12 camera, iPhone 4s and Garmin eTrex20 GPS.  This was a nice trio for capturing data/events and with the good coverage of Spanish cellular I was able to post some basic iPhone photos ( 357 more words

Camino De Santiago

The ABCs of the Camino

I could sit here for hours trying to write something that would capture the essence and rhythm of the Camino, the duality found everyday: the mixture of routine with adventure, conversations on the road both philosophical and nonsensical, equal elation at stunning views and a simple centrifuge, the adrenaline and the exhaustion; even the days themselves seemed split into two: the walking day (7am-2 pm) and the resting day at the destination (2 pm-10 pm). 589 more words