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Hey guys!
I need your help. Particularly those of you who have attended a summer camp in America. I REALLY REALLY want to go next summer! 241 more words

What is Camp America?

There’s a common misconception that working at a summer camp abroad is called ‘Camp America’, I often get asked, ‘have you worked at Camp America?’ The answer is actually no, I’ve worked at Camp Barney- Medintz.  210 more words

Camp America

What is a summer camp?

Lets start with the basics…

American summer camps go way, way back with some having been around for over 100 years. They are hugely popular within the United States and it’s estimated that 11 million people go to summer camp per year! 842 more words

Camp America

Summer Camp Chronicles part 5: Kids; the Scout Boys

Working with young kids is full of joy, it’s satisfying and the only sad time is when they leave. You’ll learn to look after them, play with them and maybe even love them. 2,655 more words


Throwback Thursday : The City of Brotherly Love

One of the main reasons I did Camp America originally was because I previously lived in the US as a child for roughly 3 years. And it was that age where a lot of my earliest memories from childhood come from (around that 6-9) age. 508 more words

Camp America


There are a number of ways to get to Australia but one of the most popular ways is with the Working Holiday Visa, which is what I’m currently doing! 946 more words

Camp America

Eating at Summer Camp

May – August 2014, I was blessed (actually, it was quite an involved process and I worked damn hard once there) with the opportunity to work at an American Summer Camp near Brevard in North Carolina.  581 more words

American Food