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Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: Finding Balance In Your Home

There’s a reason the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” has been around for so long….the canine v. feline conundrum is historic and not ending anytime soon. 644 more words

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Meet Home Buddy Kellie Simmons!

Meet Kellie! Kellie is celebrating her one year anniversary with Home Buddies and Camp Bow Wow.

Kellie’s passion for animals is evident in every pet sit. 85 more words

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Winter Grooming Tips

Winter weather brings it own challenges for us and our pets, including the challenge of winter grooming.

The ice and snow stick to your dogs coat, giving them that “wet dog” smell that we love so much (or not). 241 more words

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Next Training Class Starts Tuesday, Jan. 27th

Our next training class begins Tuesday, Jan. 27th and classes are filling fast!

Behavior Buddies Basic Obedience Classes run for 6 weeks for a total of $150 and cover all the basic obedience commands such as: sit/stay, down, wait, come, drop it/leave it and loose leash walking. 163 more words

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Do Dogs Need Coats In The Winter?

Whenever I’m asked this question, I personally always say, “yes” because there’s nothing I love more than a dog wearing clothes! I figured I should probably cite some other sources, since some are growing suspect of my assessment of dogs needing clothing. 439 more words

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Benefits Of Camp For Your Dog

Camp Bow Wow is a place where a dog can be a dog…but as a pet owner, what does that mean to you? And what effect does Camp have on your dog? 371 more words

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Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

In the winter, it’s hard to find the motivation to keep up with our pet’s exercise routine. However, a dog’s exercise needs remain consistent year-round and lack of exercise can cause various issues, including hyperactive greetings, chewing on valuable items, raiding the garbage, and increased anxiety and aggression. 202 more words

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