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Some Days

Some days you sit outside and just look.

The sky can be so blue as to seem elementary. There is snow on the mountains now, but you knew that without having to see it, the sting of cold on the soles of your feet tells you as much when you jump out of bed each morning. 271 more words

The Stories

How and who not to date online...

I used to get so frustrated with dating. Online dating. It was/is horrible, but has kept me busy and killed time for about 7 years now. 1,201 more words

Settling vs. Realizing

Well, consider this post a big ol’ gumbo of mixed feelings.

A recent conversation with a coworker about personalities has me intrigued about my own quirks and tendencies. 824 more words

Landscape, With Afghan Sky


This is my current view, a landscape of blue skies and gray concrete. It’s been set in my mind’s eye, I have been looking at it for close to five years. 95 more words

The Sting

For a big girl...

You’re pretty…for a big girl.

Sadly, I hear this often. From family, strangers, coworkers… Why can’t I just be pretty? Because I am, you know. Don’t feel sorry or offended for me, I’m long over that. 663 more words

Oh, hi there...

Ever have someone (or many someones) tell you that you “should write a book”? Ain’t nobody read books anymore. But blogs…..now there’s something. I will admit that this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. 283 more words

Reflections on Flannel PJs


Some nights, you are so very cold. And so you put on those flannel pajamas to keep warm.

Too quickly, the body forgets the memory of another body against it, how skin warms skin and obliterates the need for clothing. 97 more words

The Stories