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CNaNoA14 - Day 20

Happy Easter, everyone! :)

I stopped writing near the end of the day to have a break and do some homework. If I had have kept writing, I would have reached 5k words in a day for the first time ever – I only had a couple of hundred to go. 41 more words


Writing and ADHD

I have ADHD. As a writer, a person, a mother, a wife… (the list continued)…ADHD is both a hindrance and a blessing. Why? How? WAIT A MINUTE… I thought only children had ADHD. 1,449 more words


Wow. Long time no speak.

So I’ve taken an unintentional hiatus from this site. Seriously, just completely forgot about this place. :P Oh well. Anyways, back now!

It’s mid-April, which means- of course- Camp NaNoWriMo! 37 more words

Quick Like A...

I was going to say sloth, but upon looking for some witty and cute sloth memes all I came across was rape memes? WTF. SERIOUSLY, … 48 more words


CNaNoA14 - Day 19

I got back yesterday morning (as in 12-1am), but I didn’t end up doing any writing yesterday, so i fell a little bit behind again. Today, I think I spent more time chatting on forums through my characters than actually writing them into their story. 194 more words


Sometimes I think I'm Nuts

So, in order to NOT be writing a research paper on my family’s vacation to Florida, I’ve been trying to get ahead on my homework/reading/tests/reasearch paper writing at Liberty University Online. 329 more words

Camp NaNo, April: Day 18

Daaaaaang. 3400 words today. I love it when that happens. :) I kinda fell off the main story, but I also kinda needed to. There’s been a subplot brewing in my NaNo since JJ and Al entered the scene, and I really needed to know more about it before I could proceed. 3,776 more words

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