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Mad Libs!

Who remembers Mad Libs? They were a favorite game of mine on road trips with my family (and we took many!) and with my friends on our very long bus ride home from school. 405 more words


Camp NaNo Update (Day 22)



Hey guys. I hope you are enjoying the book reviews. Today is the 22nd day of Camp NaNoWriMo–which means we are almost finished. I am currently at 39939 words. 60 more words


Random Update

I spent a fun-filled day playing Scribblenauts Unlimited on the WiiU with Alex, John, and John’s youngest daughter. That’s only slightly sarcastic – I could do without playing the game again, but we did have a few laughs. 250 more words


Q&A with Tare, Or: "Could You Not Ask Me That?" (Part 1)

So here, as promised, is the interview with Tare! He wasn’t happy about it, but he cooperated (mostly), so I’m pleased.

(Really, Tare, you can’t blame me for the questions. 882 more words


Cutting Words- Revising

I encountered Wendy Sparrow on Twitter whilst totally, unabashedly eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation. (Warning to all people considering being my Twitter pal: I eavesdrop. Constantly. 222 more words