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Elected Representatives WANT Us to Free Them From Fund-Raising

Honest Politician Reveals The Worst Part of The Job – ‘We Hate It’

Most elected representatives hate begging for money. It is degrading, wastes valuable time, and can only lead to the obligation of return favors. 109 more words


Robertson and Reed on Campaign Finance Reform

We asked District 23 candidates: In the wake of the Citizens United decision, are you concerned about the influence of money in politics?

Reed: Staying connected to constituents is key… 85 more words


EXCLUSIVE! Group Backing 3 IPS Board Candidates REFUSES To Publicly Reveal Campaign Gifts, Spending

Friday, Oct 17th was the deadline for candidates and Political Action Committees (PAC) to publicly release information on their finances in the 2014 elections. This includes candidates for school board elections in Indiana.  478 more words

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Why the Tallahassee Anti-Corruption Act is Important for Everyone

The Tallahassee Anti-Corruption Act, Explained

This is bigger than just Tallahassee. We all know this is a national problem. But we also know real reform isn’t going anywhere in Washington anytime soon.

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Doug Ducey: The best gubernatorial candidate the Koch brothers have bought

These are the FACTS about Arizona Republican candidate for Governor, Doug Ducey:

  • Based on public records searches, it has been confirmed and proven that between Nov.
  • 623 more words
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If Politicians Were This Honest, We Wouldn't Vote for Them

Honest Gil Takes the Campaign to Brushy Fork

It’s been a busy couple of months for Honest Gil. Follow his campaign in glorious detail at http://honestgil.com.



In Defense Of Attack Ads

During an interview with Howard Stern yesterday, musician Neil Young went political, decrying “corporate control of democracy through things like the Citizens United act.” 617 more words

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