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Campaign Finance Reform

The 28th Amendment

It is of utmost importance that our country utilize every aspect of technology in order to provide a level playing field for all candidates running for public office. 239 more words

10 Steps to Fix The United States of America TODAY

Food for thought.

Step 1.

Election Campaigns are funded entirely by taxes. No exceptions.

Step 2.

No lifetime appointments. Every position has term limits and no person may hold the position for more than one term. 233 more words

It's On Random

Akron City Council increases campaign finance limits, in time for mass election

The economic and political power elite of Akron would like to thank the 8 members of Akron City Council for their vote. Nice timing too — coming on the heels of Congress increasing by 500% contribution limits to political parties. 80 more words

Political contribution is just a code for buying the government that benefits you most

More interesting news from the House of Representatives. It seems that if you want to get something done in Washington you just have to know the right people, and then donate a large sum to their campaign. 121 more words


Transparency Report: Not All Regulations are Equal, Not All Compromise is Good

A recent New York Times poll on the achievability of “The American Dream” produced┬ásome concerning yet unsurprising results:

Notwithstanding the bleaker view of upward mobility, the majority of those polled said they were more concerned about the possibility that too much regulation in Washington could stymie the economy than they were about the prospect of inequality. 588 more words

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America Compromised: the Budget Bill of 2014

The Congressional omnibus budget bill is a compromise – a BIG compromise. It turns the clock back on regulations put in place after the financial market meltdown in 2008 had taken us to the brink of another Great Depression. 92 more words


A day of campaign finance posts

My previous post caused me to dig a little deeper to try and understand what the Founding Fathers might have thought about campaign finance reform and the potential for corruption or the appearance of corruption from unrestricted contributions. 182 more words

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