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Glaring Omissions and "Something Else"

The Washington Post-ABC News Poll published September 9, 2014 is as interesting for what it ignores as for what it reveals.

Question #13 asks registered voters which of the following will be “the single most important issue in your vote for Congress” – the economy and jobs, international conflicts, health care, the way things are working in Washington, immigration or something else? 565 more words


Let's Save the United States: A List of Priorities

Our country is headed in the wrong direction.  Let’s work on these things before it’s too late:

#1 – Corruption.  Our congress is more corrupt than it’s ever been, our legislators are owned, outright, by wealthy interests and our government is not working on behalf of the American people. 412 more words

Dysfunctional Government

The Alternative to Getting Big Money Out of Politics

This last week, we were unable to amend the Constitution to overturn ‘Citizens United.’ Big monied interests can still donate unlimited funds to political campaigns. 77 more words


Without Campaign Finance Reform, Nothing Changes

Great article by Hamilton Nolan:

“Campaign finance reform is not a sexy issue. But the implications of campaign finance reform are fairness and opportunity themselves. We as a nation need to decide whether our political process will be for sale. 60 more words

Dysfunctional Government

Teachout Claims to Have Already Taught Cuomo a Lesson

Zephyr Teachout said today that her longshot challenge of Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already changed the political conversation in New York State and pushed the incumbent leftward. 333 more words

Andrew Cuomo

Senate Votes 79-18 to MOve Forward With An Amendment To Overturn Citizens United

Now, will the Boehner of our existence bring it to a vote on the floor of the HOuse, or are they all too busy snorting lines of Koch? 15 more words

Social Commentary

Game-Changer: The Most Important Shift In Campaign Finance

Campaign finance reform.  It’s a buzzword phrase that either makes you incredibly passionate or snoringly bored.

Every response to any important issue is based on a threshold, a big game of risk/reward.  604 more words

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