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Diary of a mothering worker. August 19, 2014.

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Representation is at the heart of democracy. It is reciprocity for the faith that people put into those chosen from among us to defend our needs, values and hopes, to speak out for the most excluded, and to protect the rules and institutions that stand between us and domination. 558 more words

Momentous Trivialities: Diary Of A Mothering Worker

Economic vision: What is a Steady State Economy?

Wendi Pickerel

“The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next.” – Matthew Arnold (1827-1888)

Currently, our global economy is shaped by neoclassical economic theories. 1,156 more words

Andrew Cuomo Endorses Adriano Espaillat

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today endorsed State Senator Adriano Espaillat for re-election in his primary battle against challenger Robert Jackson, a former City Councilman.

Mr. Cuomo cited Mr. 318 more words

Can't get gay married in your state? Become a Corporation!

Catherine Rampell of the Washington post published a great opinion piece you can find here. In the article Rampell wonders how things would look if we could practice some of the rights being exercised by corporations in regard to their privileged presence in our political system. 180 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

California Supreme Court Mutes Voters; No Surprise Necessary.

A press release from Aug. 11 via commoncause.org,  states that the California Supreme Court has stopped the election of proposition 49, which is really an example of a high court in this country protecting corporate interests at the expense California citizens and their initiative process. 204 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

Senate Candidate's Leaked Memo Shows Sad Truth About Modern Political Campaigns.

The Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia is Michelle Nunn, and in December her campaign plan was leaked online for a brief moment before being taken down. 219 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

Political Finance Reform & Why You Should Care.

In today’s political climate, everywhere you turn there’s another story springing up which someway or another has to do with money in our political system, likely made easier/possible by the Supreme Courts 2010 ruling in Citizens United vs. 183 more words

Campaign Finance Reform