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It Takes Elephant Courage to Beat Oppressors

Everyone probably saw the video-gone-viral last week about the baby elephant who out-maneuvered 14 attacking lions. At one point, the little guy gets in the water and shakes off the lions… but then he returns to shore. 459 more words


Ben Cohen Reviews the Midterm Election, Sees Reason for Hope

Trouthout: “For these corporations and many more, partisan politics don’t motivate them. They will pay court to whoever will get them what they want once elected into office. 119 more words

The Upshot on the Difficulty of Lessig's Plan to Target Primaries

The Upshot: “The right context for Mr. Lessig are primaries that won’t call for voters to cross party lines for the issue of campaign finance reform. 105 more words

Sophie’s Choice

I just watched the movie referenced above this weekend, and if you haven’t seen it – especially if you’re a Meryl Streep fan – I would highly recommend it. 557 more words

Campaign Finance Reform

What It Feels Like When Money Gets To Vote

There are lots and lots of think pieces about the disastrous November 2014 general election, both with respect to the outcome in Texas and in the United States as a whole. 588 more words

Everyone Agrees on Anti-Corruption

There is a quiet movement underfoot.  It is backed by the most conservative of Conservatives, the most liberal of Liberals, and everyone in between. All… 163 more words


When You Voted In The Midterms You Were Too Late

My last post drew quite a few emails and tweets.  A moment of clarification is required.

My assessment of the recent mid-term election is this: It was much like a WWE match in which two very similar looking characters fight for the amusement of the crowd.  478 more words

Dysfunctional Government