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A Way, Way Better Dashboard

Imagine for a moment you’re test driving the latest new luxury sports car. The controls and dash look incredibly sleek – it’s impressive, and suddenly you have an incredible amount of power at your fingertips. 374 more words


S4M Launches AdVerification - Detects Specific Sites, Type of Publisher, Geolocation on Ad Impressions and Clicks

S4M Now Pulls Complete Dataset of Delivered Campaign Impressions & Clicks into One Dashboard

This week, S4M released a new tool within its platform called AdVerification. 176 more words

Adventure Logs: Mind Maps

One of the things that I’m particularly bad at when it comes to managing campaigns is actually writing things up in coherent blocks of text. Partially that’s down to the way I tend to make notes, haphazard and on the fly but it’s also because I’m not that great at concise writing or writing in general (one of the purposes of this blog is to provide me with practise at doing so). 366 more words


Segmenting your audience even when the reach out model is email?

In today’s scenario when marketing tactics are dramatically inclining towards digitization, there is a constant debate among the digital marketers that what value proposition does audience segmentation brings for an email campaign designed for any business Model. 449 more words


Attention all Marketers: Dynamics CRM Just Set the New Standard!

As most everyone in the Dynamics community has heard Microsoft has recently unveiled its newest addition to the marketing capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. At its core Microsoft Dynamics Marketing seeks to deliver powerful, integrated marketing management solutions that help bring businesses and the customers they serve closer together. 1,061 more words

CRM 2013

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) may help campaigns bear fruit

Marketing programs and campaigns are alive — anyone who has managed one knows that. Once a marketer plants the seed, a program can sprawl out with unruly verve in directions it shouldn’t go. 722 more words


Our campaign management services are tailor-made just for you. We understand the challenges of managing a digital campaign start-to-finish, and have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes in a variety of capacities to keep their advertising space running smoothly. 160 more words