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Random Encounter Checks

So, random encounters.  I’ve been following discussion over at the something awful forums on the new edition of D&D, and one of the thoughts that occurs to me is the lack of adapting what are really some classic, needed rules if one is to play old school D&D. 303 more words

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Privatend, territory of the mad wizard!

The Veranthea Codex updates yet again! Read about Privatend, the playground of a duplicitous, dangerous mage!

The title logo (by Justin Andrew Mason) has also come in! How cool is THAT?!

MIke Myler

Rise of the Unwanted Folk!

Wondering how an entire continent of Veranthea came to be dominated by the sprawling toxic metropolis of Goblinvania?

READ ON, adventurer, and learn how it is the Rise of the Unwanted Folk came about!

MIke Myler

Let's Make A Campaign Setting: World Overview

I’ve had a few ideas for some different campaign settings for a while and have decide to actually build on one of them. The setting I have in mind doesn’t have a name yet but the name will come in time. 1,028 more words


Lethis, metropolis on the Koprik Sea!

The first of the many updates coming to the Veranthea Codex tumblr is up! Read onward to learn more of the mercantile jewel that is Lethis! :D

MIke Myler

Campaign World Overview!

I haven’t spoken much about the larger world of my campaign setting.  Part of this is to make sure my players, who read this blog, don’t get access to GM only information, part of it is that I have been settling details down in my mind before I put them to paper, or, in this case, screen. 168 more words

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The Tubulent Ocean

The Turbulent Ocean is a large circular ocean in the center of Aardsham’s main bodies of land.  It is a major trade route, due to the circular nature of the ocean, thus allowing easy access to many areas without having to travel very far. 180 more words

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