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The Adventure (Maybe) Begins

Christmas has slowed my game-research to almost a halt, but I did manage to pick up a new RPG supplement for half-price that I’d been wanting to get for awhile. 121 more words

Traveller Trade - Part 5

more notes – will tidy and edit when done


Funny thing. This all started as an effort to evaluate the ship registry numbers and whether they were reasonable. 1,226 more words


Traveller Trade - Part Three


star port class ~ trade level

because star ports cost money.

(You could do it either way: accept the canon star ports and work from that or assign the star port class based on world stats but either way – given the original assumption – once you have assigned the star port classes you have the skeleton trade structure already.) 1,062 more words


Traveller Trade - Rhylanor Revisited

Reversing a lot of what I was thinking earlier there’s another way of looking at it which is perhaps more Travellerish.

If you assume there is lots of trade and assume it will be similar to modern earth i.e. 574 more words


Traveller Trade - Part Two

To recap for my own benefit

(some of this may be wrong)

1) default ships

according to Aramis’ calcs


Book 2 costs (2E)

J-1: viable from 200 dtons to 5K dtons with cost/parsec declining with size so the 5K is optimal in those terms. 901 more words


Traveller Trade - Part 1

Some thoughts related to a post on CT cargo shipping profitability to keep to remind myself.





So if those (5000 J1/J2 and 3000 J3) are the optimal ships in terms of cost/parsec under what situations wouldn’t they be? 1,033 more words