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Traveller - Early Campaign Vilani

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An alternative to the early 3rd Imperium idea is to take the time back even further to the early Vilani expanding out of Vland. 348 more words


Animism Made Flesh

I watch youtube game videos for ideas and sometimes make comments but as the point of getting the ideas is to jot them down for future reference it makes sense to put it here as well so here’s another sparked by: 251 more words

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Traveller - Abandoned Starbases

In Traveller the quality of jump drive follows the tech level so at certain times there might have been systems that were too far apart to jump to unless a refueling star base was built in deep space midway and fuel ships brought fuel for other – possibly smaller ships – to refuel from. 295 more words


Traveller - Early 3rd Imperium

In the Traveller setting there was an earlier human Empire which collapsed. The current Imperium was rebuilt over the top of the previous from the same core. 304 more words


Traveller - Distance Based Campaign Ideas

This relates to the previous post about the sheer scale of the Traveller Imperium. In the past the sheer size of the Imperium made me always set my campaigns in some remote corner so I didn’t have to think about it however what plot hooks might actually relate to the size and underpin epic an epic journey from Core to Rim lasting years? 88 more words


Traveller - Nobility and Imperial Control

The Traveller Imperium is huge

and it can take years for average ships to travel from core to rim. So how to maintain control without constant rebellions? 630 more words


Casting Runes 7: Magic and Mechanisms

This post continues the exploration and implementation of RuneQuest 6th Edition for the creation of a sword and sorcery campaign setting. In this entry for the series, we will take a look at some of the faces of magic, the Divine Force which fuels it, and talk briefly about the cultural effects of both it and science. 2,820 more words

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