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Traveller - Fleets (size / type)

Just a conceptual thing to give color and flavor based on some questions on a Traveller forum.

Ship Types

Assume a “ship of the line” type model where the fighting ships are of similar design (spinal heavy weapon) but of varying ages, sizes, TL etc like 4th rates, 3rd rates in a Napoleonic era setting. 568 more words


Traveller - sub-sector trade route

Instead of a long explanation I’ll just describe the process and suggest trying it for people who have tried running Traveller in the official setting but for some reason find it doesn’t quite gel as I had that problem in the past and this fixes it. 861 more words


Shaking up Assumptions: Creating a Setting by Tweaking Race and Class Lists

In the five years since its release, Pathfinder has grown into quite a big game. It has seven hardcover rulebooks covering player options, four bestiaries, and ten full adventure paths. 2,438 more words

Role-Playing Games


Or more specifically, the northeastern portion of the Illyrian Empire, which can be divided, roughly speaking, into two seperate areas depicted above.  The northern area is less densely populated, and has to deal with problems from orcs living farther to the west, along the coastline and islands of Soulfreeze Bay. 359 more words

Campaign Setting