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The First Empire and The Cataclysm

Many, many tens of thousands of years ago, there was only one intelligent species living on the surface of Aardsham.  Called now the Ur-People, they ruled over the whole of known lands, and had advanced control over both magic and technology, even going so far as to be able to create sub-races for specialized tasks, many of who live in the present day as one of the many myriad of demihumans and humanoids. 124 more words

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Campaign World Overview!

I haven’t spoken much about the larger world of my campaign setting.  Part of this is to make sure my players, who read this blog, don’t get access to GM only information, part of it is that I have been settling details down in my mind before I put them to paper, or, in this case, screen. 168 more words

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The Tubulent Ocean

The Turbulent Ocean is a large circular ocean in the center of Aardsham’s main bodies of land.  It is a major trade route, due to the circular nature of the ocean, thus allowing easy access to many areas without having to travel very far. 180 more words

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The Free City of Stronghaven

Stronghaven is a small island located in the northern Turbulent Ocean, south of the Shakathi Princedoms.  It is populated by dwarves and gnomes, who run the island using direct democracy.  93 more words

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Magic Item Creation Rules

Pretty much all my posts so far have been fluff.  This one is homebrewed rules for my campaign.

I’m not sure how to feel about D&D 3.x.  331 more words

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The Elfwood

Wood Elves

The Elves used to rule all of Aard ages ago, when the land was covered by massive forests.  As the climate changed and the forest shrunk, so too did the influence of the Elves.  868 more words

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Cadderly's Pride

Cadderly’s Pride is the largest Illyrian city located along the shore of the Turbulent Sea.  It is located along the banks of the Cadder River, roughly halfway in between the north edges of the Great Southern Swamp, and the Elfwood. 302 more words

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