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Here is my take on campaign finances as published in the Miami Herald on November 21, 2014

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Campaign money

There’s a myth that campaigns are too expensive. Nonsense. Campaigns use money to inform voters. Limiting contributions is like limiting charitable giving. 99 more words

Minnesota candidates spent 'at least $40m' on TV, radio election ads

More than $40 million was spent on television and radio campaign ads by candidates standing in last week’s elections.

Minnesota’s voters were hit with an almost constant stream of political messages as millions of dollars were dropped on state and national campaigns, … 205 more words


The numbers are in: US politicians love Uber

If the spending habits of American political operatives are an indicator, Uber may be right about its ability to expand the car service market beyond current use. 283 more words

Blog Post Title of the Day

“Money Rules Elections–Except When It Doesn’t.”

Read the whole thing. I guess it’s too much to think that people who believe Citizens United is destroying the fabric of Western Civilization will reconsider their beliefs upon reading Walter Olson’s post. But hope springs eternal.


Record sums of money were spent on the just concluded mid-term elections. In Florida Governor Rick Scott was trailing Charlie Christ until he undertook a last-minute  spending spree to steal a victory.  467 more words


Dislike Campaign Spending, Don't Restrict It

Here is interesting perspective from the Institute For Justice on an issue that is often blown out of proportion: money in politics. The graphic above from IJ tells the story. 133 more words

Brown Opens Up Spending In Campaign's Final Month

SACRAMENTO (AP) — After months of stockpiling his campaign cash, Gov. Jerry Brown has begun spending big to boost the prospects of the water bond and rainy day fund measures on the November ballot, according to campaign finance reports filed Thursday. 548 more words