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U.S. seeks up to 16 months in prison for Dinesh D\'Souza | Reuters

The CONservatives are SO avid about “law and order,” throw the malefactors in prison and throw away the key.” That’s their bad-ass, “tough on crime” rhetoric. 49 more words


Democracy for All

In light of the Senate’s debate on a “Democracy for All” constitutional amendment, I feel obliged to share, once again, my feelings on the issue of campaign finance. 887 more words


Picking My Pocket

I remember receiving an unsolicited letter offering me a chance to become a “Bush Ranger”. The letter gushed at all the benefits that would come later including chances to meet with the hopeful Presidential candidate. 604 more words


Tom Reed spends early and often

In an article which appeared in The Ithaca Voice on July 17, Emma Jesch asks:

Ever wonder what Congressional candidates raise and spend during their campaigns? 369 more words