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Talk Training: Speaking About Your Project With Confidence

Take a little while to write down your talking points:

Who Are You?

You are the biggest selling point of your product, service or project. Take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to pause while speaking to get your thoughts right. 320 more words


How do we choose FEATURED campaigns on Crowdbolster?

Some potential campaigners have asked what it takes to have a campaign featured on the site. What do we look for? While several people choose features, all campaigns at some point go past my desk at CrowdBolster, so campaigns that are written up exceptionally well are brought to my attention and I have the final vote on what goes in the featured section, as well as how long it stays there. 386 more words


Those leaflets about the trains.

Or…the day I spent ALL DAY in the Olympic Park!

Through the eyes of a 4.5 yr old… as imagined by a 39 yr old… who knows the 4.5 yr old QUITE well. 306 more words


Introducing our new CAFOD young climate bloggers!

Our 25 new CAFOD young climate bloggers are launching One Climate, One World for children and young people today at Brentwood Cathedral. They have been training with CAFOD in media and campaigning at the Orthona Community in Essex. 328 more words


The devastating truth of the social care crisis

We all want the best for our parents and grandparents as they get older, and for ourselves when we reach our later years. In later life we might need a bit of help doing some of the things we take for granted when we are younger, and some older people need support with everyday things like going to the toilet, washing and preparing meals. 341 more words

Age UK

A Few Notes On CrowdBolster

I am very excited that CrowdBolster is finished with development and entering the launching stage.  Over 5 years ago I became interested in crowd funding before the terminology was even fully recognized.  332 more words


CrowdBolster Loves Writers

CrowdBolster loves writers. We love novelists, educators, biographers, comic book creators, graphic novelists, poets… We love writers. We understand the process of writing, the emotional and financial stress that a writer has to go through to be published. 293 more words