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Honk If You Love Moths

I’ve endured half a lifetime of being misunderstood. As an undergraduate meteorologist I lost count of the number of people who thought I was studying rocks in space, and those that did understand the weather connection generally brought up Michael Fish’s ‘hurricane’, or asked if they would one day be seeing me on the telly*. 808 more words


Who should get social care?

Age UK is urging older people, their families and carers, to add their voice to the national eligibility criteria consultation to help ensure it is set at a fair level. 469 more words

Age UK

Your Thoughts: What do you want us to be, or do?

The original intention behind this blog was to begin to tell a story in public, and to provide a space for other people in similar situations to tell similar stories.  889 more words

Chronic Illness

METV/Bradenton Herald Forum

Questions and time stamps of my responses are below the video. Thanks for taking the time to watch our candidate forum.

Opening statements: 3:48 – 5:14… 202 more words


The long-promised fuel poverty strategy for England

At last, the Government has produced the fuel poverty strategy paper it promised in December. It falls rather short of what we hoped for.

Age UK

If trees could talk… Tales from the Smithy Wood picnic

One of the things I like best about working with community campaign groups is the chance it gives me to indulge my secret love of fancy dress. 668 more words

Climate Change

The Voice of God

In politics there are so many sacred cows, but the most dangerous one, in my opinion, is the deference we give to beliefs that come with a supposed blessing from god. 1,499 more words