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Saying that term Natural Gas is like saying there is such thing as Clean Coal!

Aside from causing rashes on human skin, earthquakes that occur now in places that never had them before, the polluting of our water supply (can even be lit on fire), the pollution of our oceans, the ruining of our National Parks, fracking for that so called Natural Gas which is not natural in any way mind you, is great for the USA. 903 more words

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Elections are coming soon...Tea Party Republicans want to bring their extreme anti-woman agenda to the Senate.

Fight back against the War on Women

Help the CREDO SuperPAC hold anti-woman extremists accountable and stop them from seizing control of the Senate and advancing their agenda to roll back birth control access, defund planned parenthood and even reverse Roe vs. 356 more words

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Aside from the USA bombing out and taking over most regions around the world in our history, why do people just hate Americans and its life styles?

Maybe people resent the control certain US people have over the world of finance.

Or, maybe they hate the culture that is NOT responsible enough to be able to keep an American safe in the world gun and bullet usage (no other country on this planet has near as many deaths caused by guns and bullets than we do in America and the numbers are staggering). 462 more words

Don Lichterman

Victory for voting rights in Ohio

Earlier this year, you and more than 100,000 other activists signed my petition urging Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene in Ohio Republicans’ attempts to make it harder for local residents to vote. 330 more words

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Fundamentally, Why is an Elephant Putting A Basketball in a Hoop?

Who watches stuff like this because whomever does is very odd. It is very odd behavior to find this to be fun in any way, but again, why do people watch this in the first place and most of all, was This Basketball-Playing Elephant Beaten? 644 more words

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