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Purpose with Pleasure- Aesop does the Myer windows

Aesop stores and windows have always been more like theatre sets than stores.

Always unique.  Always intriguing.

With the Nasotheque, an event happening in Myer store windows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane they have taken intriguing to a new level with a combination of theatre, art, exhibitionism, humour and visual merchandising… 97 more words


Who Watches the NYPD? Surveillance of American Muslims

On April 15, 2014, the NYPD disbanded its Demographics Unit, which spied on countless innocent American Muslims despite failing to generate leads. Since The Associated Press published documents describing the program in 2011, civil rights groups including the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund had advocated for the closing of this unit through a combination of legal work, public campaigns, and reports on the negative impacts of the surveillance program on throughout the East Coast. 23 more words

Civil Rights

Supreme Court To Consider Ohio Ban On Campaign Lies

Given the nature of the Robert’s Court I would not be surprised that if they do accept to hear the case; they will stand with the Susan B. 239 more words

Court To Weigh Challenge To Ban On Campaign Lies

WASHINGTON (AP) – As political campaigns begin to heat up, the Supreme Court is deciding whether false accusations and mudslinging made during an election can be punished as a crime. 894 more words


3 Innovative Social Campaigns by the Hospitality & Travel Industry

The hospitality and travel industry is at the forefront of social media, capitalizing on these free marketing platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, to tell their story and to personalize an otherwise corporate brand.  328 more words



Knowing what you want to achieve is an important first step for any successful YouTube marketing strategy, and it’s no different when it comes to launching an… 791 more words

Bespoke Video

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 - Campaign - 6th Session: These Are the Voyages...

In Attendance:

  • Player 1/Queltrosa the Human Warmage
  • Player 6/Aerina the Human Bard-Fighter
  • Player 10/Bub the Half-Orc Fighter
  • Player 11/Senex the Halfling Rogue-Swashbuckler
  • Player 2/Bradley the Elf Bard…
  • 1,564 more words