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The Campfire

One of the most important things when staying outdoors is the ability to stay warm, dry and have a place to cook food or even purify your water. 1,114 more words


The Rule of Three

Todays post is about the survival rule of three.  Each rule will be followed by a short list of items you should include in you preps to help you survive. 303 more words

Bugout Bag

"Campfire" Video Series by Trevor Hnatowich

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Independent Professional Project

Let The Adventures Begin!

Chores all day yesterday but by the end of the day, what’s this?!  Another day off?  Sweet! Further chores went on hold and, with a couple pain killers in my system, it almost felt like old times. 307 more words

My Life

Campfires aka Talking Circles aka Brags & Drags

In my classroom, we have begun to use the cave, watering hole, campfire and mountain top. It has set up instant norms for classroom expectations when working under a variety of situations.   750 more words

Brags & Drags