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S'more Variations

Combine chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers and heat. YUM!

Best if the heat comes from roasting the marshmallow over a campfire. And I like to wedge the chocolate in the marshmallow, before toasting it over an open fire, so it melts more. 71 more words


COOKING SNISLENS OVER THE FIRE- As told by George Pyrdewy to Worzel

Farewell Leona,may you waft on strong, silver wings..sang the scruffy young man I passed by in the city park.The music was pleasent, I caught the sad words of his song. 516 more words

Highlights of July 12th

- Sitting on the balcony
- And more leggings!
- Ready to go to Mandy
- Nommingssss!
- Getting nervous for tonights game, are we ending up in third of fourth place? 25 more words


Cook Like a Neanderthal. And a cowboy.

Cooking over a fire has got to be one of my very favorite things to do. There is something primal about it. I dream of the day I will design and build my outdoor kitchen complete with a fire-cooking station. 722 more words


The Magnificent Firefly

Dear Friends,
Imagine our inner-light glowing brightly outside our skin. How the world could peacefully glisten. Calm, warm light tinted with golden rod, blue fire and white sand sparkling against night’s tapestry of transient stars. 109 more words


Summertime Treat: S’mores Dip

The other day when our would-be campfire got rained out, friends and I decided to make the best of a rainy evening and cook up one the best campfire treats, … 122 more words


Foyer Chaleureux; Warm Hearth

I love excitement. Adrenaline rushes and spontaneous activities. I love living with no plans except to make as many as I can in a day.  Travelling opens my eyes to endless possibilities, and a sense of freedom; a visual observation of how big the world is. 453 more words