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Campurritos (Breakfast Burritos)

Making Campurritos is a fun and different meal to have while camping.  Besides, doesn’t everything taste better in the mountains!

Chelsie was a Happy Camper!! 165 more words


Grilled Pizzas

Making Grilled Pizzas while camping was an extra special treat.  They were also a lot of fun to make.

I used the Pizza Dough recipe that is on this blog – listed under the Sandwiches/Pizza tab – or the Bread tab.   187 more words


Pizza Dough

We made Grilled Pizzas while camping.  It was so good and such a fun dinner.  We made this recipe  for Pizza Dough ahead of time and put it in the freezer.   612 more words


Hand Washing Station

Take a used laundry detergent jug – one with a spigot on it.   Rinse it out thoroughly and fill with water.   The sun warms the water. 38 more words


Firestarters (Doritos)

Did you know that Dorito Chips make the best fire starters?  Each chip stays lit for a couple of minutes.

Our son was making a fire and hadn’t collected any kindling.   20 more words


Firestarter (Toilet Paper roll)

During the year when you clean out the lint trap in your dryer, stuff it in a toilet paper roll.

These make great fire starters .


Securing your Tablecloth

This is a simple tip but very useful.

Camping stores sell clips that are suppose to hold your tablecloth in place while camping but – they don’t work!   68 more words