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No Overnight Camping

I’ve been planning a couple of summer trips, and we’ve decided to experience the British weather in full and camp, instead of staying in ‘built’ accommodation. 569 more words

Self Reliance

Day 232: Tomorrow We Enter the Town of My Birth

A Cycle Tour of Scotland in 1987 … Part One

This is where it all began.  A winter’s night in 1958. Three miles down the road my auntie was giving birth to my cousin Bill and by the time I arrived, shortly after midnight, my grandmother was two grandchildren to the good between dusk and dawn. 1,097 more words

2 Wheels and 2 Nights on Catalina Island

With a bigger trip planned for the future and a little spring break time off, I figured the seemingly endless hills of Catalina would be a great place to explore and put in some tough miles. 551 more words

1975 Pinzgauer 710K

I’ve never see one of these things before, but it look like a pretty badass off-road van. Apparently the hardtop version of the 710k is pretty rare, and this one looks to be in excellent shape. 81 more words


Travel outside the front door

Jill Bainbridge

Imagine yourself swaying in the breeze, looking up at the trees, watching the sun move across the sky. It’s quiet, peaceful, and you don’t have a worry in the world. 626 more words


Saturday was my first day off, but like a good girl I arose early to do yoga, only to be told it was too windy to do yoga outside, and that we would do it in the evening.. 797 more words