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Adding the C Channel

Once the subfloor was completed, we needed to add the C channel.  The C channel is a U ish shaped piece of aluminum that runs along the edge of the subfloor.  110 more words


Pack Trip to Union Lake

I closed out our last week of guests by joining fellow wranglers John and Emily to take a couple up to CM Ranch’s pack camp, which is up Union Pass, about 8 hours from the ranch (by horse). 197 more words

Autumn in Flagstaff

Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t get much of a chance to experience autumn like most others. Fall in Southern California, for me anyway, had a distinct feel to it that was unique to the region. 1,067 more words



You know, I think I may be at that anxiety prone stage in life where I’m supposed to figure out what my passions are and announce what I’m going to do to “change the world”. 150 more words

Out of the Stone Age

In a stubborn effort to hold on to my unlimited Verizon Data Plan, I have resisted upgrading to a smartphone.  However, my Verizon agent was able to upgrade the phone plan and leave the data plan untouched since they are separate contracts. 334 more words


When You're Going Up to the Mountain ...

It’s been a while, cafe goers.  It’s been a while.

Well, the past month has been quite the roller coaster ride.  And it all started with me returning from my 5-day hiking trip with two sprained knees >_< 534 more words


Quiet Days in Rapid City Manitoba

Someone forgot to turn off September. I sure hope they don’t notice and turn it back on. The weather for October continues to be far warmer than October is supposed to be. 393 more words