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"Now is the best time to go because all the children are back in school."

Why do we hike? It’s a question that occurred to me more than once in the past week. It is, after all, a pretty ridiculous idea. 3,454 more words

Sleep tight, hope you're insulated alright

First off, I have to admit, I’m no seasoned camping-adventurer nor an expert. I’m simply a nut for outdoor gear and I love figuring out what the best option for a certain item is for me with my intended use. 505 more words


Australia and New Zealand adventure...

Today is the day that Matt and I are off on a big adventure and I have just come out the other side of what I can only describe as ‘packing hell’!! 407 more words

Sometimes I fantasize about a post-apocalyptic lifestyle

The Walking Dead #TWD will start back up in October. The show always sparks something inside us that makes us believe we are invincible. Survivalists. We talk a big talk. 571 more words


Weathering the Storm

There are times in life when you feel like you are stuck outside in the storm. That the wind and rain are battering you, and there is no escape. 463 more words


Like. Post. Hashtag. Comment. What are you feeling? Should. Goodbye Facebook.

I have made the executive decision to delete my Facebook on September 1st. I think that is a fitting day, as for 6 years, Harry Potter left the muggle world behind, so I think I could leave Facebook, at least for a bit. 412 more words


Back to Denmark!

I have been so consumed with various trips and activities since my last post, and now I’m back in Denmark! Here’s a list of just… 395 more words

Life Update