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CAMPUS CHRONICLES: USD Drag Show Draws Fire, But Is Really a Moment for Encounter

The decision by the University of San Diego (USD), a Catholic school, to host a drag show was controversial, catching even the Vatican’s eye. However, one professor there says there is much more to this drag show than critics understand and it should be a moment for learning. 837 more words


Lady Charm: le grand show, de trop?

LE rendez-vous de ce mois d’Avril, l’évènement le plus promu sur les réseaux sociaux, le tant attendu… bref, le Lady Charm 2014, mise en place par la main experte du  Vice-président du… 555 more words

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Right of Reply - Be Our Guest

After the recent upload of the review of the Final of Futsal Féminin, one of our contributors has been the target of virulent messages on Facebook. 192 more words

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Futsal Féminin,l'envers de la Finale.

Vendredi 4 avril a eu lieu, au gymnase de l’université de Maurice, la finale du tant attendu Futsal Féminin, évènement organisé dans le cadre du Lady Charm Month. 488 more words

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KAMANEON - Colors. Music. You.

Colors, Music and You: Soyez prêt pour le Kamaneon!

S’il y a un évènement qu’il ne faut surtout pas rater demain, c’est le Kamaneon. Le temps est à la relaxation. 207 more words

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CAMPUS CHRONICLES: University of Notre Dame Athletics Closer to Full LGBT Acceptance

College athletics are rapidly opening to gay athletes, and Catholic schools have played their part in making college sports more welcoming. Two reports out of the University of Notre Dame (UND) reveal just how quickly change is spreading. 722 more words


How to Really Un-crush you Crush: A Method Tried and Tested (once)

This is a follow-up to the post where the narrator described a method she never got to try. This new method has been tried and tested once.Again, a disclaimer: 1,012 more words