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Seize the College- Ten Things You Really Should Do Before Graduation

by MOLLEY PATRICK / HLGU / April 2014

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…or so the  saying goes. But when life  gives you college, many don’t  make the most of their time, claiming ‘I’m too stressed to  enjoy this’. 721 more words

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USciences GSO Taking Charge

By: Anita Bowman

An adequately run student organization provides not only a chance to socialize with others but also to address relevant issues. The graduate student organization (GSO), while supplying ample camaraderie, is also very aware of the needs of the graduate students at USciences and is indeed living up to its intended purpose. 414 more words

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Declassified: Writing 101/102, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and Physiology

By: Lauren Atkinson

The Pharm.D. program at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is designed in a certain way to maximize the knowledge their student pharmacists will have in the future, but we, the students, are still curious as to why we learn about Mendelian Genetics, the velocity and acceleration of an airplane, lifecycles of fungi, and writing. 483 more words

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The Key Master: Unlocking the Secret to Love

USciences’ locksmith explains an aspect of true love

By: Jesse Lee

What is true love? Today a glimpse of it was seen after interviewing USciences’ locksmith, Mark Damico. 257 more words

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Getting to Know Your RA Kathleen!

By: Kimmarie Huynh

Do you know your RA? Most students probably know that their Resident Advisors are the ones to turn to whenever they have issues with their dorms or roommates – or even whenever they just need some advice. 625 more words

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By: Linnae Homza

There are 5 APO LEADS courses, specially designed workshops for Alpha Phi Omega that help individuals and chapters develop their personal and chapter leadership skills. 463 more words

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Alpha Phi Omega Regional and Tri-Sectional Conferences

By: Linnae Homza

On January 2nd-4th, 2014, the biennial Alpha Phi Omega Region I & II conference was held in Springfield, MA at the Springfield Marriot. 285 more words

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