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Questioning the Existence of GFSA


Lately, a student representative from NGO for Equality staged a one-man demonstration on the Global Campus, KHU. The demonstration’s purpose was to demand the abolishment of the GFSA. 1,043 more words


Student Engagement + Customer Engagement = Inspiration

I have been travelling to India for the past 4 years now at the end of November/early December to visit our India Campus Team, meet with internal customers and go to the IIT’s for Oracle’s IIT hiring. 472 more words


The Christmas Ball

By: Ishaan Mishra

Christmas ball was organised for the first time in NLU Delhi by the cultural committee this Tuesday, 25th November 2014. The people were greeted with a beautifully lit Christmas tree under which the Secret Santas kept the final gifts for their children, with the identities of the Santas written on them for future revelation. 190 more words


Medical marijuana remains banned at Stonehill

By Liam Dacko

If you think the opening of medical marijuana dispensa- ries in Massachusetts means you will be able to light up at Stonehill College, you thought wrong. 672 more words

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The college’s policy complies with the Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. Any violation of the regulation could result in the school’s inability to participate in the U.S. Department of Education’s financial aid programs.

“Stonehill College is a private institution that receives federal funding,” Director of Community Standards Brandon W. White said. “The school must follow the federal guideline.” Stonehill College General Counsel Thomas V. Flynn said the need to comply with federal guidelines is the underlying reason why students with a legitimate medical reason for having a medical marijuana prescription cannot use the drug on campus. “I think students need to understand that the college is taking the position that it is still a controlled substance under federal law and it can’t be used on campus. So, the distinction of a prescription under state law isn’t going to make a difference of how we interpret it under federal law.”
On the national level, 22 per- cent of college students currently use drugs, with marijuana being the most prevalent, according to a recent report by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health. The question is: will this number go up once doctors start prescribing marijuana to students? “I don’t think we’re worried about it,” Flynn said. “I think we’ll obviously be vigilant and keep an eye on things like we always do.” White also said administrators are not concerned. “We might see an increase, but students might actually have a more difficult time getting it because the drug will be more regulated.” Whether or not marijuana use on campus increases, school administrators said they plan to continue instituting policies that are in the best interest of Stonehill students. “I always remind people when I have these conversations that Community Standards doesn’t say we just simply comply with whatever the state or federal law is,” Flynn said. “We do what we think is best for Stonehill as a community.” White said this includes making sure students live up to their potential and avoid the hurdle drug use poses to getting a degree. “When you choose to smoke marijuana,” White said. “An interruption of the educational process may take place.” Marijuana use among students has been shown to contribute to engagement in a variety of behaviors that impede academic success, according to the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health’s report.
The types of behaviors that the study mentions include skipping class, spending less time studying, earning lower grades, and dropping out of college. Flynn recognizes that the issue is going to continue to be a complicated one for the foreseeable future. He said it is difficult for administrators to come up with solutions to this contemporary issue. “I can’t think of an issue like this in recent years,” Flynn said. Although administrators will not be reconsidering the status of their marijuana policy because of the new state legislation, Flynn said the school could amend its policy if the drug were legalized federally. “I think if the federal government did something different, we would definitely look at our policies,” Flynn said. “At the end of the day, I’m not sure what we would do, though.” White also said school policies could be amended if federal regulations change. “If it’s legalized at the federal level, then maybe,” White said. “But that could be many years from now.” However, Stonehill can still ban the use of marijuana on campus, even if the federal government allows it. Flynn said the school can be as restrictive as administrators see fit. “We’re a private campus,” Flynn said. “What we allow to happen on our campus is up to us.”

Fox's Empire Pilot Flops, But the Soundtracks by Dre are a Hit

By Kyela Wilson

Contributing Writer

Howard students at the screening of Fox’s new TV show Empire at the Cramton Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 21, 2014. 771 more words

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The Trend Leading Department: Social Network Science

Kyung Hee Graduate School launched the Dept. of Social Network Science during last semester. The abbreviation of the department is SNS and it is the same as that of Social Network Service. 1,020 more words


Beautiful Campus Part 1

The University of Wisconsin truly has one of the most beautiful campuses in the whole country. Heres a few snaps for your viewing pleasure. 36 more words