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Small Appliances - The Rest Of The Story

The world is a rat race a lot of the time. All of us busy in our lives. Random thoughts focused and unfocused at the same time. 413 more words

Lessons Learned

Intimidating? Me?

Defined: Intimidate means to make timid or fearful; to overawe as through the force of personality through superior display of skill or talent.

Okay, so at work last night, this guy, a colleague with much more education than I have says to me… “You’re intimidating.” And I responded with a surprised questioning in my voice, “me? 224 more words

Lessons Learned

A Letter to the Makers of my Broken Can Opener

Dear good folks at Good Cook,

Yesterday at the store, I hesitated over a can of Wolfgang Puck’s organic/free range chicken noodle soup that was canned without the convenient pull-tab on top—the kind that advertises on the can itself, that one need not bother with a can opener. 696 more words

Reviews And Criticisms

Out of the nest

I’m not very nostalgic.  Purging old stuff from my basement and garage is usually only difficult because of the work involved, not because of the sentimental value of the treasures buried in dust and cobwebs. 972 more words


Yesterday's shopping at Hammarplast

A cool orange watering can.

A mint green can opener, and a yellow-pink ugly yet fabulous ladle.

Two super cute tea strainers in the shapes of a strawberry and lemon, which I will give to a tea-drinking friend.