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Out of the nest

I’m not very nostalgic.  Purging old stuff from my basement and garage is usually only difficult because of the work involved, not because of the sentimental value of the treasures buried in dust and cobwebs. 972 more words


Yesterday's shopping at Hammarplast

A cool orange watering can.

A mint green can opener, and a yellow-pink ugly yet fabulous ladle.

Two super cute tea strainers in the shapes of a strawberry and lemon, which I will give to a tea-drinking friend.


Dear Can Opener

Dear Can Opener,

You have royally pissed me off. I have used a normal people can opener for over twenty years of my life and then you just decided to switch things up on me? 233 more words


JML can go to hell!!.............

JML can go to hell!!
And Sainsbury check out your customer services!!
I’m writing this blog to warn you all if you’re thinking of purchasing a JML hands free can opener don’t believe a word! 499 more words

Snapple Fact # 892

The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.

Snapple Facts