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Crowd at the Beach

One evening we found these guys on our favourite beach. It didn’t take long before they lost patience with me and my camera and walked away in a huff. 32 more words

New Paintings

Upton Country Park again

Wednesday 27th August 2014

This is turning into a regular Wednesday walk. I chose to go there today as I was expecting someone to come and remeasure for the bedroom furniture we have ordered at lunchtime and I wanted to make sure I was home in time. 170 more words


The Stricken Ones

I remember what it was like
To be unstricken,
To think my life would go on,
To think I was owed a spot here,
And that spot was permanent. 109 more words

Golden Hour Geese

“Golden Hour” ends early on midsummer mornings, and I’m not the morning person I used to be (especially during vacation). So when we’re off boating, the embarrassing reality is that by the time I’m ready to set out in my kayak or dinghy for a paddling excursion or a walk ashore, I’ve usually missed those glorious opportunities to capture nature in the soft light of early morning. 193 more words


Canada Goose

The Canada Goose is one animal that makes us think of Canada. Of course, it is partly because of the name. We usually call them Canadian Geese, but the true name is Canada Goose or Canada Geese in the plural. 280 more words


Downtown Ducks

A Sunday or two ago my wife and I decided to take a walk near the water front in down town Kingston with our little one.  393 more words


Upton Country Park and a visit to Dad

Wednesday 13th August 2014

It has been a week and a half since I saw my Dad, and although I speak to him every day at the moment, I thought it was about time I paid him a visit. 318 more words