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Itching Powder Sprinkled On Man's Gun Tattoo Makes Trigger Squeeze, Killing Him

A Madison police officer will not face criminal charges in the fatal shooting of 41-year-old Michael Smith, the man with the life-sized tattoo of a handgun on his stomach, according to court records. 389 more words


Is there envy or jealousy within the writing community?

On our recent oceanside holiday we had regular nightly visitors. Along with twilight came the geese, in several gaggles of varying numbers.

They didn’t come ashore, but found convenient logs on which they claimed a spot to settle for the night. 378 more words


Some Close-ups of Babies at he Pond

First are the grown-up babies. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Click to see enlargements.

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Get your ducks in a row

The idiomatic meaning of this strange saying is to get one’s affairs in order, to get organized before some big event, like a trip around the world. 350 more words


A Trip back to the Old Park

Hawrelak Park has been getting excavations in readiness for the World Triathlon Event in August of this year.. For a long time the lake was drained so the bulldozers could deepen the depth and you may remember that I was somewhat distressed over what would happen to the ducks and geese as there was no place for them to swim or nest. 285 more words

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A little from the photos I took Sunday 7-20

A little girl was chasing the geese sip I got unusual photos.

And a family was feeding ducks so it was a perfect photo shoot for me. 8 more words


Marbled Teal losing his marbles

Hello Mateys   It was very muggy when I arose this morning so decided to let the train take the strain!  Leaving the kipper at home I took Shank’s Pony up the frog to South Ken and jumped on a Rubic’s Cube to Hammersmith.   219 more words