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When the Going Gets Weird....

Yesterday’s bike commute ended with a white snake on my front doorstep. In January. What could be weirder than that? Be careful what you ask. 537 more words

"Mount Vernon Trail"

Canada Geese Morning Commute

Before the geese leave for the day, there is much stretching, wing flapping, walking around, and forming groups.  The photo above is of the west bank of the river.   112 more words


Canada Geese Taking Off

For five of the last six years, 3000 (plus or minus) Canada Geese have over-wintered overnight in the Vernon River next to our house. There is open water caused by the narrowing of the channel for a bridge, and by the fact that the river is still tidal at that point. 176 more words


My neighbourhood in B&W

“Mon pays, ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver”
Gilles Vigneault

Now that I have a more portable camera, I often take it when going for a walk in the neighbourhood.

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Noble bird or nuisance? City of Windsor to hold meeting on gangs of Canada Geese

They poop. They loiter. They hiss and honk. They’re Canada Geese, and they don’t care if you hate them.

National bird? Or nuisance bird? The  982 more words


Foul fowl: Outrunning feathered foes

My favorite time to run is in the morning around sunrise. This is also nature’s favorite time of day, and I see all kinds of creatures when I’m out, both furry and feathered. 652 more words

Canada geese flying south in June

Should you expect an early fall when the birds fly south in the early summer? The picture was taken in June of 2013 by the beaches on Jæren in Rogaland, Norway.