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West Perth Wetlands

Another glorious, windy day. We headed to the Perth Wetlands at Mitchell and spend the afternoon soaking up some sunshine and trying to identify the numerous ducks that were coming and going. 123 more words

Earth Day 2014

Earth Day photos; all except the last image captured in central New York on 21April2014; quotes by Aldo Leopold, the father of modern wildlife ecology and management… 175 more words


Stay away from my eggs, mister, or I will see you off!

Sunrise: 05.59 Sunset: 08.18

I’m tripping over ground nests, eggs, goslings and ducklings on the marsh today, walking on eggs shells left by predators.

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve


What can I say, they’re adorable. Not the easiest creatures to catch on photography, but splendid when you can get a good shot.

But as we all know, looks aren’t everything. 147 more words

Canada Geese

What the Photo Experts Say

I recently was at a few photography club presentations to see what the experts had to say, one, a photography club juried meeting. Images were displayed and a judge critiqued them. 765 more words


A perfect exit

I was at a protected waterway near dusk, observing multiple kinds of wildlife.

A pair of Canada geese were browsing nearby.

A car came up behind mine, shining bright lights directly on the geese, turned up its beams and began honking repeatedly, madly: clearly trying to drive the two away. 157 more words