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Speed trumping service at benefits tribunal?

OTTAWA – A former member of the government’s badly backlogged social security tribunal says the panel is being pressured to hold hearings at too swift a pace. 473 more words


Porotti v. R. – The worker was an independent contractor for EI/CPP purposes.


Porotti v. The Queen (September 5, 2014 – 2014 TCC 267) was an appeal by the worker from the Minister’s decision that she was an independent contractor for EI/CPP purposes. 293 more words

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Canada - The cost of running the Canada Pension Plan has more than tripled research finds

The cost of running the Canada Pension Plan has more than tripled, the result of transaction fees and external management fees, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank. 223 more words


Is the solution to our pension problems the good old RRSP?

Because of the widespread belief that too few Canadians are saving adequately for retirement, several proposals have been floated for new schemes to save us from ourselves. 748 more words


The biggest myth about defined benefit pensions is how much they cost

Unions are generally opposed to target benefit plans, a newish pension vehicle that looks like a defined benefit plan but strips away the guarantee.

But it is not so much the guarantee that unions prize as it is the artificially low price that is placed on the guarantee. 889 more words

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Andrew Coyne: Canada Pension Plan's active management strategy is a crock

It is increasingly widely recognized that there is something very amiss at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. What began in 1999 as a lean, tightly controlled fund to invest surplus contributions to the plan has since become a costly monument to empire-building and bloat. 1,085 more words

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Canada Pension Plan hiding rising costs, says report

TORONTO – The Canada Pension Plan is hiding the fact that its administrative costs have more than tripled since 2006 because of transaction and external management fees, according to a new report from a conservative think-thank. 573 more words