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UN Resolution A/C.3/69/L.56/Rev.1 Combat Glorification of Nazism.

On a related note, Canada and the US also voted against Palestinian self determination.

And you thought people were merely joking.




Even PasadenaDaisy has to leave Pasadena every now and then.  I was looking for a change of scenery.  It’s been pretty warm all through November here in Pasadena.   737 more words


Canadians looking for deals on Black Friday beware: report

With an apparent abundance of bargains, this time of year has become one of the busiest for retailers in Canada and the U.S. But thanks to a new report, shoppers are being warned to think twice about the ‘Black Friday’ deals. 311 more words


Winter Wonderland

Enjoying the first snow of this winter at the arboretum in Guelph.


Rick Ivanoff releases new LP 'Rick Ivanoff – a Collection'

The Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist known as Rick Ivanoff has released his latest LP record, “Rick Ivanoff – a Collection.” The self-titled record comprises eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. 407 more words

Tory sting operation ends up catching Tories

OTTAWA – An attempt by the Conservatives to catch a prominent Liberal candidate with his foot in his mouth has instead wound up biting several Tory MPs, including senior cabinet minister Jason Kenney. 807 more words


Our Hearts Have A Mind Of Its Own

A person cannot change how they feel. No matter how hard you try it is just not possible. I believe a feeling is not influenced nor taught by anyone, it is something created in the pit of your stomach, swiftly moving within you with the heart as its commander. 223 more words