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William Watson: Ideas market works fine

What’s crucial is that entry to the market for policy ideas is free and open

The communications director of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives recently took me to task for at least implying that a proposal in a CCCE-published paper to have the federal government coordinate what amounted to national education strategy was a CCCE proposal. 863 more words

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Lac-Mégantic (5)

Willful Blindness?

Regulatory Failures Behind the Lac-Mégantic Disaster

This report, by CCPA Executive Director Bruce Campbell details eight key ways in which regulatory failure contributed to the Lac-Mégantic disaster.

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Canadian Society

Reality check: Canadian family tax spending - 1961 versus today

TORONTO – A Fraser Institute study released Tuesday suggested the average Canadian family’s total tax bill has increased by 1,832 per cent since 1961—but many economists have pointed out potential flaws in the measurement and conclusions of the report. 606 more words


Kendra Milne: B.C.’s new plan for people with disabilities isn’t good enough

On June 16, Premier Christy Clark announced B.C.’s 10-year plan, Accessibility 2014: Making B.C. the Most Progressive Province in Canada for People with Disabilities by 2024. 600 more words