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More than 400 academics demand CRA cancel 'politically motivated' audit of left-leaning think-tank

More than 400 academics are demanding the Canada Revenue Agency halt its audit of a think-tank, saying the Conservative government is trying to intimidate, muzzle and silence its critics. 1,401 more words


Rising university tuition causing student hardship

University students fear many of their peers will have to spend more time working than studying, delay starting university or become part-time students to save enough to pay for their education if a… 696 more words


Universities loading extra fees on top of tuition: 'They are unfair'

With university costs projected to increase over the next four years, students are being hit with newly created or rising fees on top of tuition, including those to use facilities and even to graduate, according to a new report. 770 more words

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Think tank study says Saskatchewan tuition rates are on the rise

Watch above: new report says students need to dig deep for university education

SASKATOON – Canadian university tuition rates will rise by roughly 16 per cent in Saskatchewan over the next four years, according to an Ottawa-based left-leaning think tank. 217 more words


Stock up on ramen noodle: Cost of university to rise 13% over 4 years

WATCH: More than half of all Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque and if the money doesn’t come on time, they’re in trouble. Robin Gill reports on why Canadians have more debt and little in the bank. 716 more words


CRA audited left-wing think-tank because its research shows 'bias'

OTTAWA – A left-leaning think-tank was targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency for a political-activities audit last fall partly because the research and education material on its website appears to be “biased” and “one-sided.” 850 more words


William Watson: Ideas market works fine

What’s crucial is that entry to the market for policy ideas is free and open

The communications director of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives recently took me to task for at least implying that a proposal in a CCCE-published paper to have the federal government coordinate what amounted to national education strategy was a CCCE proposal. 863 more words

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