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Islamphobia is Merely a Lie of the Left

Do you not see my friends, the left wishes to divide our country even more than the ISIS or Islamic State supporters. They wish to say hey you are gay, therefore this is your segregated community. 285 more words

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Why The Left Divides the Country

You are this. You are that. I am that. I am also this and that.

You are gay. You are black. I am disabled. I am also a refugee and in need of aide. 354 more words

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The Nature of Cultural Identity

I am Canadian by birth, but I am Filipino by heritage: I am a Filipino-Canadian. Despite knowing the truth in that statement, I cannot explain to you exactly what a Filipino-Canadian is. 722 more words

A Penny For Your Thoughts

The Art of the Vacuous Government Website

This is a clip from the the Canadian Government’s Economic Action Plan website: These icons are supposed to show 2017 Commemorative History projects in progress, but don’t expect to find the details here. 493 more words


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I thought I'd re-blog this post "The Art of the Vacuous Government Website" from last year. Today, on the CBC website there's a story about the 2017 festivities, "Canada 150 ad costs rising, no plans in sight." Stephan Dion is quoted as saying this government is manipulative and blurs the line between government information and partisan ads."

Cuckoo Christmas Photo Essay 2014

A quaint corner in Derbyshire, captured off a YouTube travel video. I want to go  there!

Just not today.

It’s probably almost as cold there as it is here in Montreal. 703 more words


The Canadian Identity

Too often we are plagued with foreign influences which has become a national phenomenon. These foreign influences come in a variety of forms: religious practices, cultural practices and other negative forms of foreign practices. 873 more words

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