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New Calls for a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

There is no reason that both police investigations and a national inquiry can’t happen.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants the first, but the latter would also help investigators gain more information, and more insight. 38 more words


Wynne wants Ontario to keep booze monopoly, but report says consumers would pay less if system changed

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she thinks Ontario should stick to its near-monopoly on booze sales, but there’s room for the system to evolve.

She says the governing Liberals have made some changes already, with the sale of Ontario wine at farmers markets and a plan to put a few government-run boutiques in grocery stores. 923 more words


Harper's dismissal of inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women 'outrageous,' Wynne says

TORONTO — Ontario’s premier says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is wrong in saying that police investigations are the best way to deal with crimes involving missing and murdered aboriginal women. 270 more words


Tory cuts to veteran’s offices are ‘shameful,’ Mulcair says

Calling it a “profound commitment,” NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair vowed his support Thursday for veterans including a promise to reopen Windsor’s Veterans Affairs office once he is elected prime minister. 586 more words


Full Pundit: Our cretinous marijuana debate

Law school
Lawyer Derek Smith, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, declares that the Ontario Court of Appeal has “gone rogue” in ruling the citizenship oath to the Queen constitutional, ignoring “decades of precedents” that have whittled down such obligations. 715 more words

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Take away PM's power to appoint Senate speaker, Liberal Sen. Terry Mercer says

OTTAWA — Canada’s Senate may never become an elected parliamentary chamber, but a move is afoot to bring at least a measure of democracy to the appointed upper house. 545 more words