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Ottawa Shooting: The Narrative of Self-Radicalization

Narrative is everything. Stories allow us to express ourselves, to shape our identity, to define our existence. Stories help us understand our place in society, and when society doesn’t seem to have a place for us, we search for a different narrative that might give us solace. 1,187 more words


Conservatives' new anti-terror laws likely to mirror 'immensely controversial' U.K. legislation

The Harper government’s new anti-terror legislation is likely to mirror laws introduced in the United Kingdom after the 2005 London bombings – and they are set to be just as controversial. 771 more words


Don Macpherson: The Couillard government's 'one language, one culture' idea of Quebec

“Quebec is a nation … with one language, one culture … ” It’s an idea of Quebec with which the Parti Québécois might be comfortable. But now it’s the idea held by the Couillard government, which would like to see it enshrined in the Canadian Constitution, where it could restrict minority rights in the province. 589 more words

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Full Pundit: Who's afraid of the lone wolf?

Christian Rioux, writing in Le Devoir, hopes the attacks in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa will finally force Canadians to freak out about the Islamic menace and abandon multiculturalism forever. 734 more words

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Hard Ball Politics: Hugs for the Cameras


excerpt from the article.

Politics has always been a power game about winning and losing, in an amoral environment, played by shrewd individuals who, by the nature of the game, are compelled to set personal ethics aside to survive. 500 more words

Together we must persevere and stay united in the True North Strong and Free.

Tonight as I sit here writing this I am still in shock.  Never before yesterday had I even remotely thought about the possibility of a gunman running around our nation’s capital with the intention of killing members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the House of Commons.   432 more words


Media Day at Queen's Park

Following is an account of my day at Queen’s Park, Ontario’s Legislature. Due to the enormity of the topic, my reflections on the crisis in Ottawa of the same day can be read separately… 630 more words

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