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NDP defends against opposition's ‘unfair attacks’ over Quebec satellite offices

OTTAWA — The NDP is vigorously defending allegations it improperly put parliamentary staff in so-called satellite offices in Quebec before a meeting by the House of Commons panel that monitors spending by MPs. 377 more words


Mike Duffy billed Senate five times for travel to funerals, RCMP say in new documents

Sen. Mike Duffy allegedly charged the Senate for personal travel to funerals, and disbursed money to three people for illegitimate expenses under the guise of a consulting contract. 245 more words


Full Pundit: A simple plan for a weaker Senate


Adventures in Canadian democracy
Simply by deleting two words in the Constitution Act, Postmedia’s Andrew Coyne believes we can effectively neuter the Senate: “It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate and House of Commons, to make Laws for the Peace, Order, and good Government of Canada.” No Meech Lake, no Charlottetown, no need for Quebec to be on board. 1,156 more words

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'A desire to be somebody': Mike Duffy's rise from high school dropout to 'the Old Duff' of Ottawa's power elite

Once, before the Senate and the scandals and the infamy, Mike Duffy was the most recognizable broadcaster in Canada, beloved by millions who relied on his insider accounts to interpret the machinations of political Ottawa. 2,249 more words


Michael Den Tandt: Old foreign-policy nostrums of Canada as 'honest broker' not just dead, but buried

Stephen Harper and John Baird, foreign-policy innovators and grandmasters of soft power? Nonsense, Liberals pining for the Pearson era will say. Balderdash, the Tories themselves will scoff, at least about the “soft power” part. 971 more words

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Sunday Link-Off: Breaking Conservative

The start of the week wasn’t particularly interesting from a news standpoint but it got a bit too interesting by the end of the week. While you’ve probably just been keeping up with some of the major international stories, we have some links about the political goings on in Canada among other interesting links. 465 more words


What If Tim Hudak had Revealed This?

[ Liberals about to unleash a more deadly plan than even Hudak ]



The results are in and one of the most corrupt governments somehow managed to manipulate voters.  472 more words