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It Just Got Personal

Today, everything changed.  A terrorist opened fire in our nation’s capital, killing a Corporal at the National War Memorial where we honour those who fought for and defended our country and the freedoms we cherish. 614 more words

Political Analysis

Stephen Harper's speech on the Ottawa shooting, full text

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the nation on Wednesday to denounce the savage murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and declare: Canada will never be intimidated. Here is a transcript of his speech. 497 more words


ISIS Takes Credit for the Attack (today) In Ottawa

The ISIS Twitter site reads:

“If you don’t want the Islamic state to implement Sharia and rule over you – you are against Islam and must be attacked. 247 more words


The National War Memorial: 'If someone were to make a statement of disrespect to the armed forces, you couldn’t pick a better spot'

If Wednesday’s killer was trying to make a statement against the Canadian Armed Forces, he couldn’t have picked a more symbolic spot than the National War Memorial. 508 more words


The Purpose of Terrorism

Canada has been the victim of two terrorist incidents this week. The first, on Monday, was an incident in Quebec where a “radicalized” man ran over two uniformed servicemen with his car… 1,043 more words


Matt Gurney: Ottawa just had its trial by fire. Thank God, it passed

It’s a terrible feeling seeing your capital city in lockdown, with members of Parliament stacking chairs against doors to protect themselves and a soldier laying slain at the foot of the now blood-soaked National War Memorial. 659 more words

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Events In Ottawa This Morning

My son (in CF in Ottawa) just emailed to say he is safe.  For that, I again am grateful.

Innocence left our Nation this morning as attacks were made by still unidentified sources. 168 more words