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October 27, 2014 – Three Months Until Municipal Elections


We are now three months away from Municipal Elections throughout Ontario.  In Brampton, Ontario I hold the opinion that a small minority of “edgy” individuals are about to learn a lesson. 527 more words

Teachers’ Unions Back Wynne and then Jump at Their Entitlements

[ How to play dirty and WYNNE an election]

This one boggles the imagination relating to conspiracies and stretches credulity past the breaking point.  It was hidden away in the Liberal closet during the recent election as Liberal leader Wynne fervently attacked PC leader Tim Hudak’s scheme to reduce bloated civil service payrolls by 100,000 jobs over the next four years.  512 more words

Is the "all party consensus" on Israel starting to show signs of weakness?

A few months ago, Justin Trudeau assured Jewish voters in a private video that he had “Israel’s back” and assured them that that there is an “all party consensus” on Parliament Hill on this question. 556 more words

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John Ivison: No point in hard-pressed Conservative senators begging for reinforcements

The unbearable stress of working a punishing three months of every year is taking its toll on the Conservative Senate caucus. Senators are reportedly lobbying the Prime Minister for reinforcements to fill the 13 vacancies (Catherine Callbeck of P.E.I. 818 more words

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Have our say...

I have been added to the mailing list of the Conservative Party of Canada. I was curious and when I saw the uninvited pop-up on my screen for the kajillionth time, I decided to sign up. 231 more words

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Jackson Doughart: The case against judicial supremacy

In a recent column that appeared in the National Post, Andrew Coyne wrote an impassioned defence of the Supreme Court. The column attributed Tory whining about judicial power to “the generally incoherent state of conservatism in this country.” 931 more words

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Trudeau defends Israel, but ignores the rights of the Palestinian refugees

Disappointing Liberal statement on Israel/Palestine

“Israel has the right to defend itself and its people. Hamas is a terrorist organization and must cease its rocket attacks immediately”, argued Justin Trudeau in a July 15th statement, echoing both Prime Minister Harper and John Baird. 703 more words

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