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Manitoba government defends infrastructure spending

WINNIPEG – Manitoba’s NDP government insists it didn’t break its promise to spend all revenue from its sales tax hike on infrastructure.

Last year the Provincial Sales Tax was increased from 7 to 8 per cent, in what the Selinger government said was a necessary move to raise more money to spend on roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects. 265 more words


Oshawa continues to fail under John Henry's administration

Now more than ever, the residents of Oshawa have to ask themselves one very simple question. Are we better now than we were four years ago, or any other time? 316 more words

Raise fees for Freedom of Information requests, Calgary councillor Ray Jones urges

City employees are spending too much time processing freedom of information requests, according to a Calgary councillor who wants the province to raise the price of seeking documents from city hall. 387 more words


The Star's View: Government should heed the chamber's advice on investment

It’s great to see the local chamber of commerce leading the fight to encourage senior levels of government to dangle whatever carrot is needed to bring more investments and jobs to Canada. 410 more words


TransLink CEO under fire for $422K salary in 2013

TransLink is facing harsh criticism from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation after recent financial documents revealed the transit corporation’s executives earned larger than usual paycheques and bonuses last year. 374 more words


B.C. Emergency Health Services scraps $2.8 million electronic patient care record system

WATCH ABOVE: Another expensive computer system is being dumped by the government before it’s even in use. Randene Neill has the story.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is raising the alarm after, it says, B.C. 284 more words


Elliott: The AG report has a silver lining for Alberta taxpayers

The sound you hear is not a summer thunderstorm, but hundreds of feet running for the door.

Missives from the PC Party to its membership have been startlingly rude and contemptuous of our former premier. 313 more words

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