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Coyne: Virtue may be its own reward, but it does little for election chances

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A party, let’s call them the Quebec Liberals, campaigns on a promise, say, to freeze the price of subsidized daycare, adjusting only for inflation. 957 more words


Premier Greg Selinger avoids Winnipeg Jets ticket scandal questions

WINNIPEG – In the midst of a caucus revolt, more turmoil for premier Greg Selinger.

The premier admitted Wednesday he went to a Winnipeg Jets game in 2011 with a ticket he didn’t pay for directly. 243 more words


HOW tax matters - tax influence on NHL

Recent study from Americans for Tax Reform and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has found that, of the 123 Unrestricted Free Agents who changed their teams in the NHL during the 2014 off-season, 57% went to teams in states or provinces with lower taxes. 90 more words


City Square Plaza lawsuit settled, but details remain "confidential"

The City of Regina and the architecture firm that built the city square plaza downtown have settled their mutual lawsuits, but we don’t know how much- if any- money changed hands. 324 more words


Grey Cup and Christmas some of the most popular government sick days

REGINA – The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has released a list of some of the most common sick days for Saskatchewan government employees.

It is no surprise some of the ‘sick’ days on the list for the 2013-1014 fiscal year were around Christmas time, during the Grey Cup – and even on video game release dates. 166 more words


Jordan Bateman: Province needs a plan to eliminate its debt

You may not realize it, but you’re drowning in debt. In fact, we all are. It doesn’t matter how prudent we have been with your money, how brilliant our investments, how lucrative our career, how stingy our spending. 532 more words


U of C expert urges city to privatize more services

While civic politicians are questioning the merit of outsourcing road maintenance and sign making, an expert on municipal public policy says it’s time the city look seriously at privatizing a wide range of services to be more cost-effective. 513 more words

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