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Canadian Coaching LAUNCH!

This is an absolute GIANT of an opportunity to not only help others reach their goal of living healthy and fulfilling lives, but its a HUGE opportunity to build an incredibly successful business where you get to share your passion for health and fitness with others. 60 more words

Fort "Whoop-Up"

Canada’s bad ole days…

Established by Montana fur traders in 1869, Fort Whoop-Up was a whiskey post founded  by a group of unscrupulous traders bringing the proud Blackfoot Indians to a state of degeneration, taking their furs and guns in exchange for a potent drink called “Whoop-Up bug juice.”  This was made by mixing a quart of whisky, a pound of chewing tobacco, a handful of red pepper, a bottle of Jamaica ginger and a quart of molasses; the mixture was then diluted with water and heated to make “fire water.” 304 more words

Canadian Content - History


As summer starts to fade by each beautiful Canadian sunset, the tone that gives intense pleasure to the sight and other senses is totally awesome. Baseball has moved ever so close to the fall classic that I treasure so much. 739 more words

My Day

The Grand ReOpening of Beautyblabs.com!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for being away so long but I’m back with news!

If you haven’t already noticed, Beauty Blabber has now become Beauty Blabs and will be uploading more frequently! 50 more words


Leaving For Asia in 12 Hours

So, here I go again..

First post in quite a while, just about a year in fact. This time, I’m headed to Asia, but I’m not going alone. 161 more words


I'm Better Than You

School year is about to begin for a lot of Canadian students. One of them is my sister who is currently entering grade 11. Let me tell you a little something about her. 791 more words