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A warm glow in the dark

I really like these old-style lanterns, which line the canal at Century City.

And I’m bemused by the modern-day spotlights that are mounted just beneath them. 9 more words


A woosh of seagull

These seagulls woosh past faster than my shutter speed!


The Locks

Architect (Restoration): Walter Parks Architects
Date: Late 19th to early 20th century

Address: 311 S. 11th Street

In the vicinity of the 1100 block of Byrd Street, just east of the gleaming office towers of Riverfront Plaza and the Williams Mullins building, downtown’s topography shifts dramatically. 435 more words


Rest stop: Grub time

Everyone needs time to recuperate from a bout of shopping, and what better way than to sit down and go H.A.M on some grub at a restaurant. 141 more words

New Update

Egyptian geese afloating

The familiar outline of Table Mountain beckons in the distance, as a pair of Egyptian geese glides smoothly across the soft ripples of the canal.