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Island of the Dogs

I was dreaming about the summer and it was going away! In my free time I was checking flights and one day I found a good deal. 783 more words

Gran Canaria

B010.b.1 Canary in the Birdcage

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“I’m sorry, Canary. I promise, your death will not have been in vain.”

She opened her mouth, breathless, unable to talk, as he flicked his hand and a spear shot out from the cavern ceiling above, straight at her heart. 2,692 more words

Brennus Chapters

Cabinet Breeding Canaries

I acquired this pair of Canaries a few months ago and tried to get them breeding in the finch aviary. Unfortunately it didn’t go too well, with two abandoned clutches and damage to all of the plants in the aviaries (Canaries love to chew, apparently) 51 more words



Today’s trivia question: After which type of animal were the Canary Islands named?

See our next blog post for the answer.

By the way, did you know… 34 more words

Canary Psyche


Analyze this, Love,
my old and yellowed song.
Life gave me lemons and
leotards, a lack of flexibility
and sugar. Stir

me, tingle the breeze… 36 more words