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I was talking to a Canary last night. It felt great.

Black Canary

When Ashayla Webster approached me about doing a Canary photoshoot for the TV Series Arrow I jumped up and down on my seat then calmly replied with a casual response saying yes I was interested. 807 more words


About Mistress Izabel

Hello Gentleman,

My name is Izabel and I am from the sunshining Brazil!

I’m here to enjoy life a lot with a person that can have proper fun with me. 119 more words

A Canary For A Tour Guide

I love the history of Domestic Canaries. They were first bred in captivity in the 17th century when brought over by Spanish sailors to Europe. Canaries became expensive and fashionable to breeding in courts of Spanish and English kings. 374 more words

First Look of Katie Cassidy As 'Black Canary'

(KBCW/CBS SF) – When Sara Lance was murdered, a fire of vengeance grew in her sister Laurel’s eyes. At the moment, we all had a feeling where she was destined to become. 45 more words