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Arrow 3-2: Sara (AKA Tommy Merlyn is the best BFF, like, ever.)

Last week’s season 3 premiere episode of Arrow ended with the sudden and tragic death of Sara Lance, the Canary to Oliver’s Arrow, as she was plugged three times in the chest, fell off a building, ricocheted off a garbage bin to finally fall dead onto the pavement at her sister Laurel’s feet. 2,897 more words

TV Review: Arrow, “Sara” – They Didn’t Tell the Dad?

It was the dumpster. That was the extra element that made Sara’s death in Arrow’s season 3 premiere so infuriating to so many fans. She was worked into the episode for a quick little cameo just so they could kill her off at the end. 2,300 more words

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Arrow - Season 3, Episode 1: The Calm


     At the end of Arrow’s second season, Oliver was able to stop his mortal enemy, Slade Wilson from destroying Starling City.  It came with a cost, as his mother is dead and his sister has disappered.   1,625 more words

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Season 3 opener of Arrow was last night and I only have one thing to say: Poor Felicity Smoak. The episode was great. It had awesome action, Roy Harper being a badass, Diggle lookin’ swole as hell, and Canary dying (than you nerd gods). 236 more words


Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Sneak Preview: Sara

After the Season 3 premiere of Arrow, The CW released a sneak preview of next week’s episode, which is called “Sara.” I advise that you go back and watch the premiere if you have not seen it, there are spoilers in this trailer!