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Sun/Moon Blends: Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon

This sun/moon combination can yield both rich emotional responses and inventive ideological breakthroughs if you allow it.

Your life energy is rooted in aspirations of uplifting the human family, while heart strings pull you toward the security typically found in tribe and clan. 238 more words

Sun/Moon Blends

New Year, Full Moon

Last night was the first full moon of the new year. I watched it from the skylight in my room, lying on my carpet and wiggling my cold toes, too entranced to get up and put on a pair of socks. 413 more words


Taylor Swift's romantic Jupiter-Mercury opposition

What does it mean when you identify yourself (Ascendant) with your words (Mercury)?  Let’s ask Taylor Swift!  She is famous for writing songs about the highs and lows of her own personal experiences in the dating arena.   360 more words


Cancer Full Moon: Initiating with Feeling for 2015

(((Full Moon in Cancer ~ Sunday, January 4th at 8:53pm PST)))

Welcome New Year! You are yet another number, another marker for the timekeepers. The cycle ends, only to begin again. 781 more words


Another Year of Self Realization

While the Sun is in Capricorn, the full moon approaching, as always, will be in Cancer. Two opposing forces: Capricorn, the stern father figure and Cancer, the nurturing mother. 464 more words


New Year's Wishes

Full Moon in Cancer


In the sign of Cancer – a water sign – this Full Moon promises to bring its share of emotional load. 1,491 more words

Capricorn Sun



 ~ On this day that will live in infamy, please stop the mental chatter of Gemini for a moment of quiet silence and remember those who served their countries so we could live in freedom. 251 more words