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Ignoring Cancer Warning Signs and 'NOT' Visiting Your GP?

People are ignoring cancer warning signs because they worry about wasting their doctor’s time, a study found.

Patients displaying so-called “red flag” symptoms are routinely putting off visiting their GP. 336 more words


Charity work is evil...apparently.

Yes, you read the title correctly; apparently working for a charity is all kinds of wrong. I can actually see the argument that people make towards this, in an ideal world helping out with a charity should be self-less but as sad as it is, I’ve never been able to understand the concept of a self-less good deed. 637 more words


Back to work but still getting creative

Just as things seemed to be calming down – we’d settled into our new house, X’s issues with milk had become more manageable and we’d had more than a handful of full nights sleep – it was time for a change. 90 more words

Cancer Charities Are Not Curing Cancer!

Cancer charities like Cancer Research UK persist in asking for public donations in search of the cure…however they just pump money into outdated therapies which will not cure cancer. 77 more words

Is there a 'right' diet for losing weight?

Many of you may have seen the Horizon Special on BBC 2 called “What’s the right diet for you?” I certainly did; and it definitely made me think. 547 more words

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Cancer in the News – What to Think, What to Believe?

Cancer has been in the news a lot recently. In the last few days, there have been separate reports in the newspapers about the high cost of some cancer drugs, and the prediction by a national charity that there will be a crisis of unmanageable proportions in the NHS due to the record number of people with cancer. 2,768 more words


I'm a Dryathlete!

No, no, I’m not doing a TRIathlon – I’m giving up alcohol for the whole of January!

I first undertook Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon in 2014, as 2013 was a bad year and subsequently my drinking had gotten a little bit too heavy. 442 more words