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Dryathlon- Well thats Cancer cured, you are welcome.

The finish line approaches, like a mesmerising mirage after days in the dry, dry, deserts i can see the haven of the pub. As you may or may not know I have been completely sober throughout this year. 278 more words


Colonoscopy results. Part One

Ah, so how to describe this? Should I use a metaphor so people don’t feel uncomfortable? Maybe another stylised piece like the last one? Or should I just tell it straight and let people fill in the details they want? 514 more words

Growing Out A Pixie Cut

Growing your hair out is tough. You end up with a bowl cut, a mullet, a half bob and pixie! Then you see celebrities who all manage to grow out their hair so elegantly! 181 more words


A Song for the Suffering

A Christian’s suffering is never meaningless.

I have come to know this truth. Through death and cancer.  Enduring suffering and grief.  Walking with constant pain and sorrow. 705 more words

Angel Baby

A Health Update

It’s never easy, is it?

Remember how I was supposed to be having scans all day Thursday?  Well….as I was waiting for my fist scan, I get told that  my potassium level was “dangerously low”.   101 more words

Kicking Cancer's Butt

How Deadly Cancer May Actually be Spread by Survival Mechanism

*credit verbatim via TheConversation.com and Catherine Hogan*

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease. With a ten-year survival rate of just 1%, it has the poorest prognosis of all solid tumours. 48 more words


the good, the bad and the freaking heroic

In the middle of last year, when my depression was at its lowest (highest?) and I’d just increased my dose (yes, with the doctor’s approval), I dragged myself to a writing workshop. 997 more words