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Serious inequalities in the provision of elective versus emergency care

If you have rectal cancer, the ideal scenario is that it is picked up on screening (biannual FOB tests from 50 years of age followed by colonoscopy if positive), you then enter into a smooth and well oiled machine of investigation and treatment. 888 more words


E-cigarettes could boost cancer risk!

When heated to the max and inhaled deeply, e-cigarettes produce the toxic chemical formaldehyde, which could make the devices up to 15 times more cancerous than regular cigarettes, US researchers said Wednesday. 440 more words


Greens – the Greek Way

Earlier this week, I wrote about the anniversary of Oldways launching the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. This was followed by numerous scientific and culinary conferences where researchers updated their findings while the palate pleasing offerings of the Mediterranean were introduced to the fortunate delegates. 204 more words


What is a cell and what makes it cancerous? Part 2

In this post I will focus on some of the mechanisms that turn normal cells into cancer cells and why they are bad for us. 600 more words


Haiku # 152

In the pond,
rain drizzling
from a passing cloud.


Three R's

For whatever strange reason, hearing that one singular word last week (remission!) was peculiarly hard for me to absorb.  Sure, the CT scan showed great results,  so logic would say I should just breathe in the good news, revel in it and joyfully celebrate.  653 more words

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Day 106 - Burning Bush and Life That Matters

It isn’t how long you live that matters.  What matters is what you do when you’re alive.

Andrew Sullivan