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Canadian publishing meets CanCon

I want to point out that I have not researched what percentage of books by Canadian authors are marketed or represented in Canadian bookstores. However, that is okay because this still has merit to be discussed in the hopes of helping Canadian authors can make a decent income from their writing. 328 more words


Five More CanCon Pride Picks

I recently saw a comment which has stuck in my mind since. In response to an article about the role of female characters in video games, someone posted, “There are no small injustices.” Which is likewise why we keep banging the LGBT drum. 377 more words

Hacker Renders

Blissful Thunder - June 25, 2014

Yesterday we experienced some technical difficulties at the station and as a result, my show only broadcast through one channel. For those of you who don’t know what that means, essentially it only broadcast through one speaker.  32 more words

Blissful Thunder

June 13th, 2014; Da Nang, Vietnam

There must be something about not traveling on a Friday the 13th. Oh well. Provided with quite possibly the worst service in history tonight. Again, oh well.

Sexy Socialite — Chromeo

Song Of The Day

June 11th, 2014; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Starting a new thing. We will see how long that this lasts!

I have a huge love for music videos that are all shot in one take, so I am going to christen this One-Shot Wednesday. 14 more words

Song Of The Day