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"UFO" by Holly McNarland [1997]

Not long after I read about the false UFO sighting in Toronto’s New Koreatown (Yonge & Sheppard), I found myself listening to this song again. Intense, sensuous, and explosive, UFOs… 30 more words

Six miles to go

Did the other half of the mile this morning.  Pretty tired and cranky, super long day at work today.  Not enough calories in today I think. 31 more words

Hey...that's Cool!

"Could I Be Your Girl" by Jann Arden

Jann Arden’s “Could I Be Your Girl” from her 1994 album Living Under June was on the radio when I was having lunch. That’s when I remembered that when I was asked to arrange the music for my school’s Grade 6 French play, I used Arden’s “Good Mother,” another modest hit from the same album. 25 more words

The Don't Hit Me Dance (Written in 2006)

This poem was published in Fireweed Magazine. I still like it.

Navel Gazing

July 22nd, 2014; Naples, Italy

Watched some highlights from the Coca Cola Summer Festival in rome tonight. A couple real standout pop acts, including Canadian breakout act Kiezsa. We’ve been hearing this song heap lately too, and I must admit, it kind of grows on you.

Cassy O’ — George Ezra

Song Of The Day

Canadian publishing meets CanCon

I want to point out that I have not researched what percentage of books by Canadian authors are marketed or represented in Canadian bookstores. However, that is okay because this still has merit to be discussed in the hopes of helping Canadian authors can make a decent income from their writing. 332 more words