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569.1 - Thoughts on Political Candidacy - YouTube

Randall Terry talks about the 2014 House elections and Democrats worried about their seats. John Boehner isn’t any better, as Republican, for supporting sodo…

What am I doing here?

Good question. What am I doing in Toronto with a group of women I barely know, navigating my way through a new city, when it seemed like I had everything I wanted in Ottawa? 307 more words



Tourism expert with wide industry experience and excellent language and computer skills.

I am a person with great learning skills, organized and assertive when the situation requires it. 199 more words


The Gates of Hell

The title of this post may seem overly dramatic, but for Ph.D. students, preliminary exams (also called qualifying, orals, or candidacy exams) are typically characterized as the gates of hell that lead to the beautiful and revered status of All But Dissertation (ABD). 1,029 more words


New summer destination? Albania and its road to the European Union

After World War Two, Albania became a communist state allied with the Soviet Union and then China, before pursuing its own form of autarchic socialism under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. 857 more words

Western Balkans

The Start of a New Year . . . Time to Celebrate!

It’s odd how I always feel like September is the start of a new year instead of January. I guess that I’ve been a student for so long that my life seems to go September to September! 575 more words