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Communication Equals Clarity

It’s mid April and the election is closing in. The polls open next week and remain open until May 5th. As we get closer, the seriousness of the election stays at the top of my mind. 394 more words


The Ebb and Flow of the Interview Cycle

In the last two weeks, one of my candidates was in the throes of closing on a new home. Do you remember going through that major life event? 730 more words


Q&A with Nancy McSloy, Ward 2 Candidate

Q: Would you share how you have participated in your community?

A: I have been a community activist in the Argyle area for over 30 years. 981 more words

From Cover Letter to Offer Letter: Getting Noticed Amongst the Interview Roster

While the job market is steadily improving it’s still tough to find that perfect career opportunity. With such a large pool of candidates for a somewhat limited number of jobs, getting noticed and being remembered is of the utmost importance. 406 more words

Drug Tests and Criminal History Checks Provide More Complete Job Candidate Information

Using a combination of methods recommended for employers who wish to screen for problem job seekers.

Many employers say the most challenging part of their business is to hire the right people. 313 more words

Americans have focused to much on the character and personality of the candidate that we have forgotten the true position of the job. The character of the candidate is important, but the nature of the task to be performed is infinitely more so.