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Hollow!! Halloween!

Since Halloween is coming up, I wanna talk about how is it celebrated. In USA, it is already known as a celebration for kids where they get to dress up in whatever they want and go out door to door  and ask for candies in which they call, “Trick or Treating.” 556 more words


Simple Brittle Crunch

One of the perks of my job as a pastry chef is getting to make candies and confections..it’s literally in my job description!  Candies and confections are typically made by carefully cooking a sugar mixture to a specific temperature, which requires an accurate thermometer, non-humid conditions and a watchful eye.   385 more words


Today In Mens Wear


I know I should’ve wore more accessories but this is a men’s vest. Why add on?

These lovely kittens are from South Korea.

I LOVE to be comfortable! 336 more words


I ran out of sweets

A candy, a candy! My kingdom for a candy!

Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Party Stickers

{Stickerlicious Singapore} “Spooktacular Bootiful”

These Halloween Pumpkin Birthday Party Stickers are good for dressing up your party treats: Rocher, Kisses chocolates and mini Tic-tac.

They are customised with birthday messages for a Birthday Halloween two in one Party!

Personalised Stickers

Happy Halloween--Attack of the Little Monsters

When you log in, this sign will pop up:

Happy Halloween! Smash pumpkins for your team, and we’ll get to that later… but first…

Where should I start? 203 more words